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Scumbags, Douches and Jerks

Tonight, some friends and I were discussing some mutual acquaintances. It emerged that there was some confusion about how to categorize certain types of men we disdain. To me, a Douche is instantly recognizable as such. He doesn’t have to … Continue reading

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The Testament of Levi

I know everyone has better things to do than to watch the Tyra Banks show, so let me bring you up to date: Levi Johnston is totally screwed. Bristol won’t let him see their baby, because she hates Levi’s sister. … Continue reading

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No Luck for Levi Johnston

Ever since he knocked up his girlfriend, nothing has gone right for poor Levi. One minute a rakish Wasilla heartthrob, the next minute a hostage at the RNC with no hope of freedom, ever. Now he’s lost his job after … Continue reading

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It’s the Stupidity, Stupid!

Today, I had a moment of clarity. I understood why Grandpa and that Church Lady must not be allowed to win this election. He’s too old, and she’s too stupid. Alas, there are a number of people who haven’t grasped … Continue reading

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