Gallery Girls: Feel the Hate

Gallery Girls is a great way to feel better abut yourself no matter how awful you are.

The latest reality ick-fest by Bravo TV, Gallery Girls follows the pointless lives of some tragically deluded young women seeking a place in the uppity world of New York art galleries. The word “art” is used very loosely here. One of the girls knows what “collage” means but that’s as far as their art knowledge goes.

The main thing is to hate the girls, and the main one to hate is Chantal. She is a truly horrible girl who needs to die ASAP. Presumably she has been told to play up her obnoxiousness but nothing could redeem her short of severing her vocal chords.

There seems to be a conflict between blonds and brunettes and lower Eastside versus upper Westside (or vice versa.) Since I don’t live in New York, I don’t know the significance of lower, upper, East or West. The blonds seem less pretentious, except for the one who always has to wear fur, even under a fur coat.

There’s an awful Asian girl who likes to pose nude and talk about her “pussy.” Her parents deserve our sympathy and a witness protection program.

The girls like to bitch about each other and they all talk like their mouths are full of marbles. Every statement is a question? Because that’s the kind of girls they are?

I went to the Bravo site to look for a picture and was directed to “like” the Gallery Girls on Facebook. The comments there are unanimously derisive, which makes me feel a glimmer of hope.

Let me put it this way: Gallery Girls comes close to giving red lipstick a bad name.  Please just take it away.

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16 Responses to Gallery Girls: Feel the Hate

  1. Richard says:

    I watched Gallery Girls. It’s another train wreck of reality TV. I think you summed it up: “tragically deluded young women seeking a place in the uppity world of New York art galleries”.

  2. andrea says:

    Are we the only 2 people who watched this show? I live in NYC, so I was particularly interested in how these superficial and self important characters would be shown. It was lower east side vs. upper EAST side. Lower east side (where my mother was born and lived until she was a teenager), was a predominantly Jewish immigrant neighbornood at the beginning of the last century, but in recent times, has become one of the gritty “cool” neighborhoods in the city. (My grandparents moved out of the tenement strewn neighborhood to buy a house and have a better life). People who couldn’t afford the rising prices of this now cool area went across the river to Brooklyn, hence, Angela. The upper east side connotes money, manicured looks, blonde hair, and lots of plastic surgery, pampering, and artifice. I agree with you- that Chantal character is horrific. These girls just need to just grow up. Maybe one day they will learn that being kind to others and counting your blessings is what really counts in the end. But they will probably need to live half their lives before they realize this, if they do, ever.

  3. alittlelux says:

    AWFUL. all those girls are just… icky.

  4. Winterbird says:

    I thought I was watching a Robert Palmer video from the 80’s.

  5. Jaimi says:

    This sounds absolutely awful! If the trust funded girls in paint splattered Chanel boots who couldn’t hack it as painting majors I went to college with are any indication of how vapid and catty it is, I MUST watch it.

  6. watchinggarbageontv says:

    They’re all spoiled and obnoxious. The snooty blonde at least has self-respect. Can’t say the same for the rest. Ugh!

  7. watchinggarbageontv says:

    Chantal is model-like however, she walks like an old, retarded man and her profile shows she needs a neck/chin lift. She seems heavily tranquilized and talks without any expression on her face. Very boring. She’s just another dead, soul-less idiots out there. Thank goodness you can get beauty and brains. It’s not on this show at all though.

  8. ali says:

    watched it. chantal= evil foetal ocelot dipped in formaldehyde. claudia will get it together and be fine without her lackies. Amy is now what she will be forever. Kerri is impressive, actually.

    It is funny to me that most of these girls are art history majors. Did they pay any attention to class at all? Is the show edited to make them sound like half baked idiots? The scariest thing about this is a toss up: chantal or the failures of higher education.

    The show gives me indigestion just the way I like ’em.

  9. cat says:

    You know, I’m Australian so I sadly have no access to this show, but I love art, fashion and I enjoy hate-watching hipsters of all stripes so I was all over this. A little googling and I can confirm I megaloathe Chantal. Haven’t even heard her speak, just going on blogs and pictures of her smug, hipster smirk. Grrrrrrrr. Claudia’s hot, though.

  10. Amanda says:

    There IS a GOD!! Thank you! It is so great to know that there are women out there that despise these heartless cold superficial hipster hoochies and silver spoon sluts. I am from Manhattan and I’ve lived in Brooklyn, and I have my Masters in Fine Arts Degree from a well know art school in Manhattan. I have never seen such disgusting behavior from women in “The NY art scene” in my life. I can’t decide which group of cliche’ idiots I hate more. They are all such hypocrites..I really get so mad when I watch the show I cringe. I need to stop watching or else I’ll end up with an ulcer in about a month. WHY!? Bravo!!!??? Why give these women the exposure they SO do NOT deserve??? I could see if they were talented women that had some sort of purpose in life. These are the most disgusting human beings that have ever walked the streets of Manhattan/Brooklyn. They give REAL New Yorkers and NY based Artists a bad name and I’m ashamed that I breathe the same air as them.

  11. Sue says:

    I went to art school in NYC with bitches like these. Mean girls with dark lipstick -nothing has changed. They were the ones NOT at the finc aid office. They will marry rich and divorce and never ever learn anything.

    Is Terri the only actual NYkr? I know newly minted hipsters like to sneer at LI, (except in summer = beaches) but she is the only vaguely redeemable one so far. Shes a bit dull, but she actually has a job.

    They are everything that I didn’t like about the art scene in NY. And for god sakes, stop acting like living in Bklyn makes you hip. Chantal (god, that name) you are from Georgia.

  12. cat says:

    Amanda and Sue, since you guys are in NY, have you been to End Of Century? There’s some cool stuff on the website but also a shitload of pretentiousness. I would so go if I was on that side of the planet. If only in the hope of catching a glimpse of Chantal and tripping her over or something.

  13. cat says:

    And as a Melbourne artist I can tell you the scene is the same here in Australia. Some genuine art lovers, but a hell of a lot of smug art school trustafarians and money hungry gallerists with drug problems. I once “lost” four paintings to a gallery owned by a 60-year-old madwoman with a raging heroin habit. I was 19 and very naive and was just dazzled that such a prominent gallery was willing to take my work. An older, more seasoned artist said to me, “just be careful it doesn’t disappear into her arm”. At the time I had no idea what he meant. Live and learn, eh? 😉

  14. Hammie says:

    I love vacuous reality shows. Heaven

  15. sandilla says:

    This show is my guilty pleasure. why? i have no clue. Maybe I just like to hate them

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