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A Horror Story For The Age Of Trump

In North Carolina last week, an 18 year old boy chopped off his mom’s head and then called 911. I read an account of the incident and listened to a excerpt of the 911 call, which actually lasted for 16 … Continue reading

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Triggers and Tarzana

  Once you are traumatized, you are vulnerable to triggers. And triggers are everywhere. Jane Birkin’s daughter, Kate Barry, jumped from her fourth story window last week. I couldn’t stop thinking about her despair, and how fame and talent don’t … Continue reading

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A Terrible Story: Weigh In

Kelli Stapleton is in jail without bond, for the attempted murder of her daughter Issy. Kelli has documented her challenges as Issy’s mom in a blog called ‘The Status Woe.’ Issy is a lovely blonde 14 year old who is … Continue reading

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  After days of watching death and mayhem in real time on TV, I have a question: Aren’t the owners of the disastrous Texas fertilizer plant every bit as guilty as a terrorist bomber? “West Fertilizer Co is a retail facility that blends fertilizer … Continue reading

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Don’t Torture Children

Tonight I watched a news story about the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), a residential facility for autistic and other children with behavioral problems. It is known as a school of last resort and has a controversial history. Whatever the fuck … Continue reading

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Let’s Cast the Trial!

If you live in the US, I’ll assume that you’re following the Casey Anthony murder trial. If you live somewhere else, you don’t know what you’re missing! The trial has everything you could possibly ask for, except for O. J. … Continue reading

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Bulletin From the Gulf Coast

From Heidi: Thank you, Sister Wolf, for inviting me to blog about the Gulf Oil Catastrophe. None of the words I use seem powerful enough to convey the complete and utter horror of the situation. Catastrophe will have to suffice. … Continue reading

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The Crazy Mothers Club IV

Has everyone read about the woman from Tennessee who sent her adopted son back to Russia after deeming him too psychotic to handle? People are up in arms about this, primarily against the mother, who put the 7 year old … Continue reading

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Chef Regrets Sex With Dead Girl

Mark Dixie, 37, an unemployed chef, insisted today during his murder trial that he didn’t kill 18 year old Sally Anne Bowman, but rather had sex with her dead body. Dixie claims that he came across the body laying in … Continue reading

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