Fuck You, Redneck Boot Sandals


I was so touched when three separate people sent me links to these stupid cowboy boot thongs. I thought, “Aww, how lovely, when people see grotesque shoes, they think of me!”

But when I read the text, I learned that the boots are the work of some smartass self-styled redneck who’s managed to make a splash on social media with his stupid faux product.

In other words, these boots are not found art like shoes that someone actually considered attractive and wearable. Instead, these fucking boot-things are ironic, get it?

We don’t need ironic ugly things, we’re already drowning in sincere ugly things! Fake ugly things bring no frisson of joy.

This guy’s Facebook page does not indicate what he intends to do with his new fame or whether we can expect other shoe-jokes in the future. But I can only hold him in contempt for intentionally fucking up a pair of boots, and for thinking he could design anything as innocently hideous as these ‘Open-toe Chrystal Boxer Booties’ by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Giuseppe zanotti shoes

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4 Responses to Fuck You, Redneck Boot Sandals

  1. Amen, Sister ! The world needs more irony like a leper needs more scabs !

  2. Suspended says:

    These would be great on a lesbian line dancer, but only if she painted her toenails bright orange .

  3. Andra says:

    Where are the lesbian line dancers hanging out lately?
    I’d like to see that.

  4. Freedom says:

    Secrecy is completely inadequate for democracy, but totally appropriate for tyranny.

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