Another Horrid Attack on a Poor Blogger Girl

Please forgive me Jesus, I can’t stop myself without Your help!

First, I was upset to see these $595 boots ( or rather, “kicks”) that have gotten so much press. Why does this poor girl need to spend so much on, let me quote here, “…my first piece of Alex Wang.”   “Alex??” Is that like someone buying the knock-off version by “Jeff” Campbell?

But then I am referred to an online magazine where the girl is featured in an interview and replying to the question, “What was the last thing you’ve bought?” the poor girl answers:

“A crew neck t-shirt from Obesity and Speed with ‘Choose Death’ printed on it. Can’t go wrong with that!”

Aaaah. Help me, help me, Jesus. Give me the courage, the wisdom, the serenity prayer, anything. The brand names, the goth cluelessness, no no no, take it away. Or help the poor girl to wise up.

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60 Responses to Another Horrid Attack on a Poor Blogger Girl

  1. hey patni-
    i’ll let you borrow my beetle belt. :))

  2. Moi says:

    I know I shouldnt be asking but can someone please help me on this: who is that blogger. I CANT wait to read her blog. I HAVE to. ? 6 months preggers, spending 600$ on shoes, dark goth, she’s a winner, for sure.

  3. nicole says:

    To MOI:
    the website is
    It’s absolutely incredible..sort of like watching the Courtney Love Behind The just CAN’T stop looking at the absurdity of it all.
    I think what’s so sad about these narcissistic braggart blogs is the joylessness that is so apparent.
    That’s the real crux, because life is so beautiful but fleeting that showing off the “Jordache” of this generation is just nothingness.

    *First time posting; much love to Sister Wolf*

  4. Moi says:

    Many thanks Nicole. After im done laughing like a maniac and crying at the same time from reading that blog’s name, I’ll make sure to drop by. Also, I already cant wait to learn the name of the newborn. Im sure it will be all ”edgy” – ”so freaking rad” and ”totally unexpected”… Let the countdown begin!

  5. Moi says:

    Oh Lord another fur fox trail devotee. Will this ever end ?

  6. nicole says:

    If I had to guess the baby’s name will probably be:
    Wrest Fenriz LaVey Liebling

    That’s just a guess. ; )

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    nicole – I would like to see ‘Oy Vey’ in that name, if possible.

  8. Kamicha says:

    Personally I find that O&S shirt clever – and totally unwearable at the same time. Maybe if I’ll become 100% hermit one day I will be sporting it in my solitude knowing that I will inevitably be left without options some day.

  9. Nausicaa says:

    Is it some flipped-around reference to Trainspotting‘s “Choose Life”? I doubt it, somehow.

  10. Kamicha says:

    Choose life backs up bit further than Trainspotting – you can find it from Bible. But I guess that the most obvious reference are those Catharine Hamnett Choose Life t-shirts from the beginning of eighties, even the typography makes a strong nod to that direction. It has also been used as a slogan in two quite obvious contexts.

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