Best Blog Comment in the History of the World

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Kim { 06.21.10 at 11:22 AM }

I’ve followed your blog for ages now. and just when I thought you couldn’t get any cooler, your husband is a taxidermist! Get out of my head already! I love taxidermy so fucking much. How did your husband get into it?

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42 Responses to Best Blog Comment in the History of the World

  1. Desiree says:

    Will you just stop it;);) LMFAO!!! xo

  2. jd says:

    Kim is right, that girl couldn’t get any cooler.

  3. Moda says:

    Taxidermy is the new black.

  4. Stella Mayfair says:

    i KNOW whose blog that was.

    mummified squirrels for the win!

  5. Oh I give up! I don’t suppose hanging washing out on the line and doing the dishes has any cool radar. I can stuff a chicken though does that count.

  6. Elena Abaroa says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, i can tell that the person who wrote the comment and the blogger are the “coolest” hipsters ever, they are so fucking”modern”! Taxidermy is just so deep and creative!

  7. Ann says:

    I didn’t realize the profession of one’s husband could give street cred. I really have been dating all the wrong people.

  8. Jess says:

    Oh lord, I had to do a Google search to locate the guilty people, and Godammit came up as the first result whereas the original blog post and its insightful and witty comment were second. Good to see the internet has its priorities right.

  9. Queen Marie says:

    Oh bollocks!
    I’ll need to get back to my internet matchmaking services and amend my ‘what i’m looking for in a husband’ profile quick pronto…

  10. Cricket9 says:

    What, do you mean you DON’T love taxidermy so fucking much????! Hey, I’m single, gotta go to look for a free taxidermist in the ‘hood, still have a chance to make something out of my life!

  11. Bourbon Drinker Known as MJ says:

    I see a squirrel pendant on an 18 inch leather cord as the next fashion “must” – a REAL squirrel, of course. Complete the look with chimpunk drop earrings….

  12. Suebob says:

    Over at Craftastrophe, we so often feature terrible crafts made from animals that we have a whole category just for that…I remember some lovely squirrel-foot earrings I found…yes, real squirrel feet.

    The thought of those tiny claws scratching my neck is giving me heebie-jeebies right now.

  13. Mary says:

    Right that’s it! YUCK. Who are these absolute fuckwits? (ok I googled that statement) How distasteful and fucking stupid. Listen SW I don’t need to know these hideous blogs exist, stop bringing them to my attention! DO.NOT.WANT.

  14. Aja says:

    The squirrel family is killing it.

  15. HelOnWheels says:

    @Ann – “I didn’t realize the profession of one’s husband could give street cred”

    We discussed this on a previous post and arrived at the conclusion that we, as amazing women, can take credit for having a hand in all of our lovers’ accomplishments. I believe Cricket (not sure) takes credit for successful implementation of public transportation systems in several countries.

  16. Maxine says:

    I’m sure when I stop laughing I’ll have something to say about this.

  17. jd says:

    @HelOnWheels –
    What if you have of course arrived at the conclusion that you are an amazing woman and yet none of your lovers have never really accomplished anything?

    Oh I don’t like where my mind is going. Why do I always come back to read the comments.

  18. annemarie says:

    God, they have no idea how cheesy they are. They’re like modern versions of the Grease characters.

  19. Beck says:

    Sister, I think you also need to check out what Rumi’s been up to lately. Let’s just say we’re scaling new heights of narcissism. I often snort to myself at the ridiculousness of the boyfriend/girlfriend photographer/model thing – why don’t they just get on with the sex and spare us all?! – until I noticed they were taken with a self-timer.

  20. Julia says:

    where do I begin?
    that comment just summarizes everything about this “culture”/syndrome/trend/generation (even?) or whatever we should call it. It’s the most tangible demonstration of the “different (for the sake of being different) = cool”-syndrome, and the goth (or punk or whatever, it’s not about the music anyway, right?!)/im dark-trend. it makes me sick. dearest fucking hipsters, wake up.

  21. mutterhals says:

    Well, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla [edited for clarity by SW]

  22. damaia says:

    Dear NY/LA hipsters:

    You all should move here to the northern midwest- you’d think you’d landed in paradise. All our skinny old men look like Terry Richardson and you’ll see loads of “Three Wolf Moon” t-shirts worn with just the amount of unironic coolness you’re all desperately striving for. Plus, out in the boonies are people who honestly fish, hunt, and take their prizes to honest-to-god taxidermists to be stuffed and hung on the wall! Plus, Pabst Blue Ribbon and whatever other god-awful swill is cool with your crowd is not only consumed in great quantities around here, it actually _originated_ here! This place is hipster paradise, so y’all should move right in (so we can declare you overpopulated and a nuisance and set up a proper hunting season to keep your numbers in check).


  23. I’m so impressed Make Do can stuff a chicken.

  24. Sister Wolf says:

    fashion herald – I KNOW! I can hardly get that stuff OUT of the chicken without a major struggle.

  25. Iron Chic says:

    haha Those poseur fucks couldn’t be more cliche if they tried.

  26. Oh how did I guess you’d find something about that post to blog about.

  27. Eliza says:

    I actually like taxidermy, but rather than blame hipsters I blame growing up bored in Texas and Ohio. And also blame Regretsy for not understanding the effects of reverse psychology:

  28. Cricket9 says:

    HelOnWheels, not exactly, but close; I do take credit for development of cargo transportation in Eastern Europe, modern art in Venezuela and teaching in Canada, not counting some minor accomplishments. That of course is nothing compared to SNAGGING a LIVE taxidermist!
    Seriously – why people think this is cool is beyond me; a few years ago “Domino” magazine (now sadly departed to the shelter magazines’ heaven) had pictures of a similar squirrel family in some “trendy” interior. It later ended up on the list of ” things readers hated”.
    I gather Mutterhals likes stuffed squirrels. Why the hell don’t you FUCK OFF Mutterhals? Go shave your, you know, lady garden, or something (edited for clarity, but it’s hopeless anyway – she/he/it IS secretly in love with SW and will hang around forever).

  29. HelOnWheels says:

    @Cricket – “SNAGGING a LIVE taxidermist” – Something about that phrase screams oxymoron. Just me?

    And in no way was I trying to downplay “your” numerous accomplishments!

  30. Cricket9 says:

    HelOnWheels, I know you’re not! Now, a dead taxidermist is not good to anyone, since you can’t marry him, become really cool and add “advancement of taxidermy” to the accomplishments.
    IMO, as dead squirrels go, this is way cooler, and done by a woman:

  31. Sister Wolf says:

    Eliza – Waaaah, now that regretsy girl has raised the price of the fish-in-a-squirrel-suit to $1,000! See what a little fame does?!

  32. Amy says:

    LoooooooL!!! omfg….very funny…. but :-/

  33. Lauren says:

    Taxidermy is like, SO HIP…

  34. dust says:

    Somebody here in the room suspects that her husband is stuffed animal. How cool is that. She needs a blog.

  35. isabelle says:

    RAD….or should i say gnarly

  36. patni says:

    He’s stuffing it doesn’t sound as cool as he’s killin’ it though does it?

  37. isabelle. you got your comment exactly right hahahaha.

  38. Cassiopeia says:

    Just searched for the original blog too and unfortunately:

    “Comments Off”

    Shocking! I wasn’t done laughing.

  39. Nausicaa says:

    haha, “stuffing it” vs. “killing it”!

  40. Aimi says:

    comments off, oh boy

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