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What Would David Bowie Do?

Once upon a time, a belligerent German who I will call “Herr Mengele” decided to send out threatening letters to a large group of bloggers around the word, demanding money for infringing on his ‘copyright’. The bloggers, along with a … Continue reading

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Fall Style: Just Wear Everything!

I was thrilled to see these images at Rackk and Ruin, from the NYT Style magazine. I’m calling this look Nomadic Bag Lady. I think we can all effect this look without having to buy anything new. If you put … Continue reading

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You’re Gonna be So Stoked

Remember how rad you felt when you found out that Gnarlitude’s Old Man was learning to be a taxidermist? Well, how stoked are you to see this picture of him working on these dead coyotes! No wonder she’s so proud. … Continue reading

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Best Blog Comment in the History of the World

***Image removed at request of   owner, although I maintain my rights under the fair use law*** (identities concealed to protect the guilty) Kim { 06.21.10 at 11:22 AM } I’ve followed your blog for ages now. and just when I … Continue reading

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The Essence of Hipsterism

The problem with Hipsters is that everything they love becomes kitsch. Hipsters in Williamsburg NY have so violated the neighborhood that Danny Hoch wrote a play about it. The New Hipsters are “looking for an authentic experience.” They LOVE “authenticity.” … Continue reading

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The Crypto-Hipster

I am planning to work on a thorough and definitive study of Hipsters, but naturally I’m putting it off,   because it involves a lot of work. However, I think we can all agree for now that a Hipster is someone … Continue reading

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Shoes to Kill For

“The ‘Dovima,’ an 11cm, spike-heeled confection of gilded silk mesh and jewels, is embellished with a pair of rose pink-dyed, taxidermy birds with gold and crystal heads.” Sound good so far? How about this: They incorporate   “semi-precious stones, jet, satin … Continue reading

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Obsessive Collectors

Just when I was considering the possibility of throwing some shit out, I come across a group of compulsive collectors, thanks to Men.Style.com. I was looking for Philip Grangi, a jewelry designer, and discovered that he is a self-described “Avid … Continue reading

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A Trip To Maxfield

   Maxfield is a celebrated bastion of high-end designer fashion in West Hollywood,   where regular people like me can rub shoulders with anorexic model types and wealthy Japanese tourists. I went there for the first time yesterday with my friend … Continue reading

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Hateful Stuff for the Discerning Hater

How about a Hate Stamp Kit? You can buy it online here. Here is a gold-billed crow you can buy from McKinley and Sons, who describe themselves as ‘London’s most dashing taxidermists.’ I have to admit I kind of like … Continue reading

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