Fall Style: Just Wear Everything!

I was thrilled to see these images at Rackk and Ruin, from the NYT Style magazine. I’m calling this look Nomadic Bag Lady.

I think we can all effect this look without having to buy anything new. If you put on everything you own, and just drag around the leftovers or tie it around your waist, voila! Fall 2010!

At most, you might have to buy a scrap of fur if your old man isn’t a taxidermist. But compared to last year when you had to buy an embarrassing band jacket, this look is frugaltastic, if not exactly effortless.

Anyone wishing to rock/kill this look, send me a photo and I’ll feature it in a follow up post.

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54 Responses to Fall Style: Just Wear Everything!

  1. Debbie says:

    SW you hair does not rock it sucks! How can you look in the mirror and think that dried thinning mess is hot. You really are deluded, which is understandable considering the life you have lead

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Debbie – Listen up you fucking moron. I can see all the other names you’ve used to post these idiotic taunts! My hair is thicker than yours, nah nah nah! Until you send me a photo of your hair, you can kiss my ass. xo

  3. Rosa (Rosie) says:

    Debbie: whore!

    Sister Wolf’s hair clearly massacres it, it goes beyond mere killing. So there.

  4. karin says:

    oh my fucking gawd! As if those pictures weren’t funny enough, all the comments are hysterical! It’s getting harder and harder to read this at work!

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