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Tonight we watched what my husband and I call ‘Our Sunday Shows.’

We’re like decrepit retiree’s, with nothing more exciting to do at night than watch TV. I can’t remember what young people do at night.

Anyway, Sunday night is packed with Cable series that are always ending or beginning a new season. One show will have its season finale, leaving me feeling anxious and abandoned, but another one will start up. Mostly they’re crap but we watch them faithfully.

Tonight we watched True Detective, Ray Donovan, and Ballers, all stupid and disappointing, but we’ll be back for more next Sunday. Despite the stupidity of these particular shows, we feel we have standards. I will never, and I mean never, watch Game of Thrones. I know in my heart that I don’t want to see dragons or women on horseback yelling at their armies.

Likewise, I didn’t watch Madmen because I can’t stand that guy’s face and I’m not interested in advertising or period irony.

True Detective was so magnificent last year! This year, it’s a big mess that’s hard to follow and doesn’t make sense anyway. No one can act, the dialogue is lame and stilted, and the Chinatown aspects are forced and idiotic. Plus, I miss every other line of dialogue because no one will fucking enunciate.

Ray Donovan is a truly terrible show but I’ve come to appreciate how bad it is. The best part is how Liev Scheiber refuses to make a facial expression. All the characters are repellent and all the accents are laughably inept.

Ballers is new but it seems promising in the stupid department. There’s a lot of male posturing and a lot of girls in bikinis, since it’s a Mark Wahlberg production. But it stars The Rock, who is always compellingly strange: Is he black or Mexican or Asian? Why is his head so small that he looks like a dinosaur? Is he gay or what? What is the source of his obscure charm?

During the week, we try to find things on Netflix that might actually be good but it’s hit and miss. If nothing is on, we are happy to play with our computers or read.

But Sunday night is special because Our Shows are on, and we hate to miss a single unintelligible moment.

What shows do you guys like to watch?


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36 Responses to Sunday Night TV

  1. Kim says:

    Masters of Sex is, for the most part, really good. The acting is superb. I like Ray Donavan, but only because I enjoy gazing upon Liv Schreiber in a well-fitting suit. I also really, really love Shameless, but that’s not on currently.

  2. caro says:

    I loved watching “our shows” when I had a partner. It was such a cherished routine, though “our shows” were more the likes of Air Disaster and dreadful NBC dramas like “666.” Back in the days before politics became utterly exhausting and dispiriting I loved the Sunday morning politico talk shows too.
    Now all my broken spirt can handle is “Wayward Pines,” “Humans” and the Real Housewives which reassure me I’m not the most vacuous, pointless creature walking the planet.

  3. Richard says:

    You’re right about True Detective. It’s a hot mess. I’ve been watching Halt and Catch Fire because I’ve worked in the computer industry for years. They really nailed the software engineer type. It’s a period piece set in 1980’s Texas so you may not like it.

  4. Andrea says:

    My husband and I were looking on Netflix for the Nina Simone film and by pure accident, this Spanish show (from Spain) called Velvet started playing on its own. He is re-leaning Spanish, so he wanted to see if he could understand what they were saying. Well, they talk way to fast, and he couldn’t. But the show has subtitles, so we started watching. 5 hours later, we were hooked. We just finished the 1st season (16 episodes) & will probably start the 2nd season tonight. We’re addicted! They’re now working on a 3rd season so there’s something to look forward to. & I know you are a little interested in fashion, so you might like this one- Velvet is the name of a fashion department store that the main character’s family owns. & it takes place in the 50s & 60s.

  5. Sister Wolf says:

    KIm – I tried Masters of Sex but Lizzie Caplan looking like Joan Crawford was too much for me. I am overly sensitive to faces, I guess. ‘Shameless,’ yep. we are still hanging in with Shameless.

    Caro -I wish I could watch your shows with you. I enjoyed the Real Housewives too, for the same reason, until one day I realized that my soul was dying a little bit with each episode. I want to try ‘Wayward Pines!’

    Richard – I will try that! Have you seen ‘Mr Robot?’ about hackers? I missed the first episodes and can’t understand a single thing that’s going on.

    Andrea – That sounds great, thank you!

  6. Bevitron says:

    This is fascinating because I don’t know what anybody is talking about. I have an old cathode ray tube TV with rabbit ears & a converter box and no cable or satellite. Firmly mired in the 20th century. I do watch a few network shows but if I told you what, you would shun me. In fact you should shun me just because I’m too cowardly to say.

    When not furtively watching embarassing, formulaic, badly acted network crap I make do with old documentaries dug up on YouTube. There are millions of them! Enough to last me till I am way too old to give even a tiny token shit about my lack of having a finger anywhere near the pulse of popular culture.

  7. Richard says:

    I’ve heard about Mr. Robot but haven’t watched it. I’ll look into and get back to you.

  8. Andra says:

    Being in Australia I have no idea what any of this is about.
    However, I don’t actually WATCH television at all. I have TV’s in every room of the house but I am in another room on the computer all the time so I just listen to stuff. Very occasionally I get up and look at it briefly, just to see what these idiots look like but mostly I don’t give a damn.
    I’m proud to say I’ve never seen, or even listened to any of the following –
    Home Improvement shows
    Cooking Shows
    Talent Shows
    I’m quite proud of that but don’t know if I should be ashamed instead.

  9. Kellie says:

    I am all about things that will make me laugh, and are superficial right now. I cant take anything requiring deep thoughts or emotions.
    Shamefully, BigBrother UK on YouTube is hitting the mark.
    Also, Botched on E-both good and terrible.
    And Devious Maids.
    I am really in a questionable place, judging from these choices, lol.

  10. Stephanie says:

    Ok, on Sunday, for me it’s always Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons
    and Madame Secretary, where I find out what’s really happening in
    politics and the world. Sometimes The Good Wife, big Baranski fan.
    Wednesdays are Suits and now Mr. Robot, dark and weird. It
    makes CSI-Cyber look like a child’s tea party.
    Masters of Sex is totally worth your time, if you can get past that
    ‘Crawford’ visual. Still like The Blacklist a lot.
    And of course, My 600lb Life! And I’m sure Liev’s not allowed to smile. Probably in his contract. But, Jon Voit’s stealing the show
    anyway. Also, Mom and Fresh off the Boat.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Oh yeah, and Jane the Virgin!

  12. Muffy says:

    Sister, please forgive my one guilty pleasure Liev Schreiber….I will do penance…

  13. Ann Hooker says:

    I have been trying to remember to watch Halt and Catch Fire, a period 80’s piece about how high tech began. I like, but I cannot remember to watch it. So what does that say…Additionally, not Sunday night, but I think you may like it, is Odd Mom Out. It is really funny, Monday nights…Oh if you really want some excitement, The Bridge is on Hulu and only ran for 2 seasons. It is heart racing good.

  14. Debbie says:

    My husband watches nothing but cooking shows … Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Anthony Bourdain and programs about murder … Wives with Knives, Who the Bleep Did I Marry?, How NOT to Kill Your Husband, Snapped … it makes me fucking crazy.

  15. David Duff says:

    Debbie, just kill him,it’s obviously what he wants!

    Andra, will you marry me because we are obviously made for each other. I chucked out Sky TV a year ago because I could not bring myself to spend £70 a month for pure,unadulterated crap. I have two TV sets, both usually on but with the sound off.

    Somewhat nervously I must disagree with our hostess who thinks last year’s ‘True Detective’ was “magnificent”. I do realise that it was set in Louisiana and that the accents had to reflect that fact but surely not to the point of total incomprehensibility (gosh, what a big word!). For example, I gradually worked out, by episode six, that the sound “ori” which was frequently dropped from the non-moving lips of the two leading actors was in fact “all right”. The plot gradually became as incomprehensible as the actors and even though I watched through right to the end I am still not sure who did what to whom.

    American TV reached magnificent heights with ‘The Wire’ but it’s been downhill ever since – at least, as seen from ‘over here’.

  16. Sil says:

    Hi from Spain. Here u can watch many crap, but I will never ever watch Velvet… I just cannot stand the actress who plays the principal roll. Way too stupid for me. As for how fast we talk, totally true. If you live in USA you will be used to mexican or south american spanish, and ours is quite diferent in accent, vocabulary and speed. Just think about english from USA or UK. My husband likes politics stuff, what ends up always like a parrot convention.

  17. Winter Bird says:

    Try AMERICAN HORROR STORY. It is good warped, crazy fun. Currently, Netflix has all four seasons available. Jessica Lang and Kathy Bates are magnificent!

  18. CristineMcC says:

    I stopped watching television at age 14 when I left home & didn’t watch it for over 30 years. Then only sporadically until I was given an iPad 5 years ago.
    Today’s TV is nothing like the crap we had to endure in the 70’s/80’s.
    Mr Robot, Luther, American Horror Story, Game of Thrones(I’m a sucker for dragons & have been in love with Peter Dinklage since Stationmaster), Orphan Black, Atlantis & even Dominion(as poorly done as it is, I love the dark angel aspect). Finding Carter speaks to my inner 16 year old. Outlander, speaks to the Scot in me.
    & of course Lost Girl, my all-time favorite. Who doesn’t love a sexually ambiguous succubus?

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    Bevitron – NOthing could make me shun you. The badly acted network crap makes me want to kill myself, otherwise I’d watch it. Documentaries are the best, I agree! And there are so many. Maybe we need to create a list of the best ones?

    Andra – I’ve never watched a talent show or cooking show either, or any show where they kick you off an island. But I discovered a house-flipping show that I loved, with a pair of handsome twins who pretend to be heterosexual.

    Kellie – Is Botched about bad plastic surgery? I would definitely enjoy that.

  20. Sister Wolf says:

    Stepanie – I want to try Madame Secretary and Fresh Off The Boat. I can’t handle James Spader.

    Muffy – What about the way Liev throws women against the wall to have sex standing up? With no foreplay? I’m just asking.

    Ann Hooker – Listen, I have the same forgetting problem. I forgot to watch Better Call Saul and now I have to wait til it’s on Netflix. I’m looking for The Bridge.

    Debbie – Yeah, just kill him. I have an irrational desire to punch Anthony Bourdain in the face.

    David Duff – I’m sorry you filed to appreciate the extraordinary acting by the two lead actors in True Detective. Maybe you were subconsciously attracted to them and thus needed to reject them? But The Wire, we are in sync. Fucking Loved The Wire! I need another long series like that to get addicted to. I need the distraction.

    Sil – Hahahaha. ‘Parrot convention’ is such a great description!! I can’t watch Velvet or anything with subtitles until I get better glasses. I can barely see the TV in my current glasses.

    Winter Bird – I think I would be too creeped out by it, from the clips I’ve seen. I’m a big baby about scary/creepy stuff.

    Cristine McC – I love Luther. Love. I Don’t know any of the others you mention but I’ll go and google them.

  21. Stephanie says:

    And I almost forgot Louie.

  22. Sisty says:

    Hahaha! I don’t watch any of that shit, but that picture cracks me up! I’m enjoying wondering what you typed into your search engine — “depressing/old people/entertainment”? “Ugly TV furniture/old people”? “boredom/TV/nursing home”? What? Tell us!

  23. Sister Wolf says:

    Stephanie – Oh, Louie, of course, love him and Amy Schumer show as well.

    Sisty – Hahahaha “Old people watching TV” brought me this magical image. The ugly furniture was just luck.

  24. Muffy says:

    Sister, fair enough….I will do penance for my shame….

  25. Dj says:

    Ok. Here is a rundown of what I consider great Netflix binge fare…

    Damages. Glenn close..scheaming lawyer.
    American horror story. Strang,campy fun. Love Jessica Lang.
    Above the lake. Weird, season.
    Sr aviles..Mexican series, subtitled..drama…assassin
    Capadocia..mex. drama, convoluted story line, women in prison, drugs, etc.
    The affair…better than I thought it would be. Showtime
    Moving on…hilarious show, about a geriatric nurse…I think showtime
    One more that is a sleeeeeeepeer..trailer park boys…look it up…

    Loved true detective last year, the Texas T. rex was excellent. This year, no. Trying too hard. Can’t understand them. Too many main characters. Can’t watch Vince in a drama….housewives because they are so f…d up. Love the emergency medical shows, locked up abroad gives me the chuckles. Oddities is fun. No I’m not a shut in…I live on a ranch…..

  26. Dj says:

    Sorry, top of the lake!

  27. Kellie says:

    Indeed Botched is all about plastic surgery gone wrong! The Drs who fix them are legitimately good, qualified plastic surgeons.
    I am surprised at how many bad stories start with ” I went out of the country to get cheaper plastic surgery”.
    You have got to get watching this show!

  28. Sister Wolf says:

    Muffy – Fine, a couple of hail Mary’s should do it.

    Dj – Oh god, Moving On is one of my alltime favorites! Brilliant in all respects, isn’t it?? Top of the Lake, too.

    Kellie – I’m in.

  29. Suspended says:

    Wayward Pines is ok but every episode leaves me with the feeling that it will soon turn monumentally shitty.

    For a giggle – The first episode of Impastor was funny and I like the premise. The Brink is a good piss take on the slew of current political dramas. I’m liking it so far.

    Most of the show listed here I’ve tried and hated. American Horror Story is abysmal, beautifully styled but total teenage garbage. I thought True Detective was massively overrated and incredibly dull (an unpopular opinion, I know.) I couldn’t even make it through 15mins of the new season.

    Against my better judgement, I tried Botched last night. It’s fascinating to see how crazy some people are but I really don’t need the graphic surgery. Too much of a toe curler for me. I do love the new vocabulary it’s opening me up to, “Uni-boob” being my favourite word so far. Janice Dickinson got her 30yr old implants replaced and was her usual charming self asking if they “could do something with her vag?” You’d probably like it Sister Wolf.

  30. ali says:

    UGH!!!!! I recently watched the first season of True Detective and LOVED IT. Haven’t binge watched a show until 4 am in YEARS. The show made me believe I may not have social media add to the point of not being able to watch television anymore. Also, did NOT believe it was possible to LOVE mathew mcoghwhatever. BUT the theme song of the new season ALONE is beyond irritating. It makes me livid!!!!

    Eric’s sister recently turned me on to Silicon Valley. It is entertaining but it makes me hate where I came from (and therefore myself?)


  31. Lady Murasaki says:

    Hannibal. I’m not sure if it’s really that good or that I’m smoking, but Mads Mikkelsen is superb as Hannibal and he’s hot! Also, Bates Motel, the Knick, Naked and Afraid, and the grosser of them all, House Wives of whatever.

  32. Sister Wolf says:

    Suspended – I’ve been interested in Wayward Pines but I keep missing it! Botched sounds good except for the gruesome aspect. I’d like to just see bad surgery and hear people try to excuse what they’ve done to themselves.

    ali – Love Silicone Valley.

    Lady Murasaki – Afraid of Hannibal, and the Housewives became too much for me, especially the New York and Beverly Hills housewives. Andy Cohen needs to die for this shit.

  33. Sister Wolf says:

    Oh my god, I’ve just discovered Trailer Park Boys!!!!

  34. Suspended says:

    Just do what I do and skip the surgery bits. I just watched someone who had industrial grade silicone injected in to their face at some black market party. Horrific!

    People are bizarre, I love it.

  35. Dj says:

    Sister, you have found a hidden gem! Isn’t it genius?

  36. Suzanne says:

    Loved reading this!

    After reading your description, I’m going to give Ballers a try. I, too, am strangely obsessed with The Rock. I didn’t know Mark Wahlberg was involved. Strangely love him, too.

    When I get really desperate and need an escape, I turn to what my friends and I call “The Unwatchables,” defined as any of those crazy Lifetime movies with names like “The Perfect Nanny,” or “Not Without my Mother.” Talk about completely checking out!

    I agree that season two of True Detective has some issues – the mumbling, for certain, but I have enjoyed Vince Vaughn. In case someone, here, is trying to catch up with the season, I’ll only say one word: teeth. Still trying to figure out his wife. She makes me want to be nicer to my own guy, ha ha. Maybe I’m hooked b/c all of the characters’ lives are bananas, and that soothes me.

    Game of Thrones: You should at least watch season one, episodes one and two. I’m not a dragon gal, but that’s only a bit of it. Put it this way, when they’re not f*****g, they’re fighting. Love it all and am depressed that the season has ended.

    Took me a full month to recover from the end of Breaking Bad. Husband and kid about to leave town for a week, so I plan to waste a lot of time binge-watching Better Call Saul. That and finishing painting my kitchen that I painted half of last year, same month, when they both left for their annual trip. Pitiful!

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