And For Our Jewish Friends…

hot-jewish ladies

In my 20s, a hundred years ago, I remember enjoying newspaper ads for grocery stores that said “And For Our Jewish Friends,” with photos of Hanukkah or Passover food. I enjoyed what I felt was the discreet racism of “Our Jewish Friends” and probably inferred a silent “You kikes!”

I thought this Jewish specificity was a thing of the past but nope, the clickbait above popped up yesterday.

So where are the Hottest Presbyterian Woman Under 40?  I couldn’t find them, but I did find fifty more Hot Jews, including many names I’ve never heard before plus Sarah Silverman, the poster girl for attractive Jewishness.

If you google the phrase “And for our Jewish Friends,” it crops up everywhere, usually a polite afterthought to an Easter or Christmas wish. “Hey Jews, look, we’re not excluding you!”

When will America single out Muslims and Buddhists in their holiday greetings or hot babe galleries? Until that happens, I resent the shout out to Jews.

Fuck you, Dominant American Culture! I’m not your friend. I don’t even believe in god. But here’s how I served some pastries at my housewarming party last week.


L’chaim and Merry Christmas, inshallah!

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5 Responses to And For Our Jewish Friends…

  1. Harmreduction says:

    Thank you for the belly laugh!

  2. Romeo says:

    Really? Alicia Silverstone? I had no idea she was hot!

  3. Marky says:


  4. ali says:

    Every time somebody says “Merry Christmas” to my sister she says “Happy Hanukkah”. With our last name it makes people really uncomfortable. I think it is the highlight of This Holiday Season.

  5. Mr. Picodogg says:

    You people really know how to party!

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