Trump And Bannon: Killing Me Softly

I don’t know about you but this shit is killing me.

Just since the inauguration, I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome and eczema. I’m grinding my teeth and I’m glued to Twitter. Each new egregious development sends me into a fit of rage and disbelief. I can’t take much more of it.

And yet. You can’t just ignore it. People who tell you to stop watching the news are just losers whose lives are built on denial and not rocking the boat.  If this isn’t the time to get worked up, when is the time?

I hate these two fat capons. They probably haven’t seen their own dicks in years.

Hating Trump is a no-brainer, but hating Steve Bannon takes a little history to do it right. I like this quote, if you’re in a hurry:

Breitbart once called Bannon the “Leni Riefenstahl of the Tea Party movement.”

Trump’s statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day was remarkable for its omission of the word “Jews,” clearly a nod to Bannon’s antisemitic base. How can you talk about the Holocaust without mentioning Jews?? The White House is standing by the omission, but Reince Priebus at least admitted that the Holocaust was “sad.”

People, what are we going to do about these cunts? We’re going to resist any way we can. Here’s an online Resistance Manual to get started.

The Women’s March was fun, wasn’t it? We can have more fun like that. There’s some stuff that isn’t fun, but let’s do it anyway. We don’t want these two wife-abusing pigs to set up a fascist regime. We want healthcare and public schools. We want out reproductive rights and air that is breathable. We want refugees to feel welcome here.

Trump’s own mother was an illegal immigrant, and so is Melania, but that doesn’t stop him from his hateful rounds. Like a psychotic postman, he will trudge on through gloom of night, until he has destroyed the whole fucking world. If we let him.

We’ll worry about Pence later, along with my eczema.

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6 Responses to Trump And Bannon: Killing Me Softly

  1. Suspended says:

    Trump has made me realise just how big the American illusion is. He’s basically an orange Putin in a country that thinks it’s free.

    The whole world is upset yet there is no higher authority saying “Actually, Sir, we’re going to have to respectfully ask you to step down.” Things will get worse if he’s allowed to action his coup. One by one the people who don’t agree with him are being pushed aside for sycophants and evil cunts. He wants people to blow smoke up his arse and tell him he’s right. There’s no room for reason, no space for compassion. No tact, just insanity.

    He doesn’t marry American women, he doesn’t manufacture in America, he makes the place look stupid and yet he’s ‘all about the good of the country.’ A bigger hypocrite has never existed. Like Putin, it’s all about what’s good for him, and his. He’s going to run the country like he’s that dude from Celebrity Apprentice.

    I want to ask the toddlers of America to pick up their parents guns and shoot him!

  2. Dj says:

    Sister, I can see that you are in a lot of pain, mental and emotional exhaustion because of these horrible, overwhelming events. I don’t know anything about Twitter, but is it possible for people to just bombard Trump aver time he sowed out one of his missives? Just tell him he’s a fucking fraud, future war criminal and totally undesirable human being? Where is Anonymous when we need them? I’m afraid all the congress and senate, both parties, are afraid of him, but they must speak up. The media has to be relentless, questions need to be voiced, action taken against the likes of Kushner (who doesn’t answer his phone during Shabbat, really, an advisor to potus!?), Steve bannon who by his very visage looks decayed, depraved and unsettling, and all the other henchmen who are lined up for action. I really don’t think trump will get through the term, I still predict bombshells are going to fall. So, don’t overload yourself, no spiraling please, go to the beach. Take a deep breath.

  3. vendetta says:

    They think they are above the law because everyone is letting them break the law. Bannon is the most evil asshole on the planet and they are all socioapaths- they love inflicting pain and sorrow and have no empathy. They are very dangerous and need to be taken out of office. They want us to be divided so they can inflict terror and get away with it. I guarantee a false flag will happen on a mass scale to try to fearmonger and control the people. We need to unite as one and rebel against them.

    Watch the movie V for Vendetta. It is exactly what is happening and what will happen if we don’t get them out now.

  4. Bevitron says:

    God what a pair of evil assholes. I wonder if they use each other’s rosacea cream and nose hair clippers.

  5. Ruby Luna says:

    I wonder what the line is in Vegas for when The Orange Menace is dropped….

  6. lumay says:

    This isn’t political hate, but when I see wealthy people with sunspots and signs of skin cancer, I wonder why they don’t get this stuff sorted ASAP.

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