The Perfect Shredded T-Shirt

perfect shreddedt shirtI’m going to disagree and say, almost perfect.

perfect shredded tThe price is certainly fair, given, you know.

But If I have to hand wash it, then no. Forget it.

perfect shredded t rearThoughts?

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7 Responses to The Perfect Shredded T-Shirt

  1. Bevitron says:

    I sleep in one (weekly machine washings – hot water wash/rinse; high heat dry – usually), going on 8 years now (same one). Men’s size 2x for super extra roominess and well below ass-length. Cotton (it never shrinks) with two permanent turquoise acrylic paint stains, upper chest. $5.00 US.

  2. Dj says:

    Sister, pleeeeaaase start your own line of overly expensive clothes…you have the eye!

  3. Mark-E says:


  4. betty says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the ‘line’ translates to “depressed rich kids” – oui? Well that explains everything.

  5. eekahil says:

    I’ve got lots of those shirts. Even more “collectable” because most have band names on ’em ! Plus ! Machine washable!

  6. Mary Liz says:

    At least it isn’t “dry clean only”.

  7. blights says:

    This is exactly what my husband would wear as a vest if I didn’t now and again throw the raggedy ones away. But his only cost about £3 to start with.

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