Good, Bad, And Ugly: Weekend Report

good ba d and nugle weekend

I am so happy to be contributing to the MIISTA Blog!  They are a great a company whose shoes and values I fully endorse. Go and see. I have written about men in dresses, social media hate mobs, and that venomous piece of shit Donald Trump.

I am not happy to all of a sudden find I have carpal tunnel syndrome. What the fuck?! I don’t want or need new problems. There should be a limit. Last time I went to my doctor, she gave me a print-out that included a part called Current Problems. It was a list of 16 things, starting with Depression and ending with “Marijuana use.” EXCUSE ME, but marijuana use isn’t a problem so make that 15 things please.

Now for ugly, did you know that blogger and influencer Sea of Shoes is getting married?!? That’s right, she is all grown up and ready to tie the knot with some older metrosexual food blogger! It’s sure to be a festive occasion filled with Dallas socialites and the elite intelligentsia who once showered me with comments about the state of my vagina!

I look forward to covering the event to the best of my abilities, even though the bride to be blocked me on Twitter for correcting her grammar. But I understand. I have to block Nazis and republicans all the time.

Speaking of Twitter, here is my favorite user, who sparks joy like Marie Kondo has probably never experienced.

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5 Responses to Good, Bad, And Ugly: Weekend Report

  1. Mary Liz says:

    “Trump draws” is hilarious! thanks for sharing. Have you seen the Swedish women legislators trolling Trump while signing a climate control law?
    Someone queried “Did she hold up the doc after she signed it?”

  2. Ali says:

    For correcting her grammar!! LOL!!

  3. Connie* says:

    Trump Draws is really funny. Almost as good as Trump holding up his Pokemon card collection. Honestly, Sister Wolf, I will read anything you write. You can even correct my grammar? You are helping to keep me sane these days.

  4. Suspended says:

    Congrats on the new job xx

    You’ve got 15 problems and Mary Jane isn’t one.

    Can’t wait for your wedding reportage. I had all but forgotten about that pea-brained poseur, hoping she might have drowned in her ‘sea of shoes’ by now. No such luck. I wonder if she supports Trump.

  5. Madam Restora says:

    Sea of Shoes. Jeez! There’s a blast from the past. You tend to assume people no longer exist once they fall off your personal radar.

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