Levi’s For the Advanced Curator

“Levi’s red 1st giant fit jean from the first Levi’s red collection in blue denim.

This jean is the oversized fit of the 3 different fits from this collection.

The features of this jean are the cinch back, the low 1 back pocket and the huge seat that flows into the extra wide ergonimic legs.

This pair has never been washed and was worn consistently for around six years before having to be put to bed in the archive due to the smell that it gives off once it gets slightly warm.

Size: 32″ W x 32″ L

* Please be aware that this product is second hand and has been worn. Although it’s been treated with love it may show signs of wear and tear – we hope you understand that this isn’t a fault, it adds to the individual story of each piece.”


Get them here.

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43 Responses to Levi’s For the Advanced Curator

  1. mustownmore says:

    That ad is a joke right?

    Love how you always find something to make me angry in the morning…keep up the good work.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    mustownmore – It’s real! I laughed aloud when I read it. Levi’s collectors can be REALLY nuts.

  3. skye says:

    Is this one of those fetish things, like those worn out old shoes on ebay for a thousand bucks, which foot fetishists buy to masturbate over?

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Skye – I almost choked to death at that link, Hahahahahahahahahahha! WTF!?
    No, the Levi’s are just like an illness…you have to find the most rare and/or freaky looking ones, and you have to be obsessed with pocket placement and selvage.

    So how do we get people to buy our smelly shoes, Skye????????????

  5. skye says:

    I’m not sure, but I guess if you are able to set aside all dignity and post photos of yourself seductively sniffing the worn out insole of a pair of birkenstocks then perhaps you deserver the cash?

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Skye – I was in until I got to “bikenstocks.”

  7. Rancid! Eew and all manner of cleanliness swept over me. I thought it was a joke as well.

  8. skye says:

    Yeah, I think that’s the bit that would really require the setting aside of dignity!

  9. Crystal says:

    That middle bit involving the words “smell” and “slightly warm” is vomit-inducing.

  10. susie_bubble says:

    I do like certain drop crotch trousers and odd-shaped trousers should be right up my street but these are just dropping in some very odd places…

  11. TheShoeGirl says:

    BARF! They smell bad when slightly warm???? VOMIT inducing.

    xox from China

  12. Stella Mayfair says:

    @skye and sister wolf:
    a couple of years ago i thought to myself, why not make a buck off my old adidas. i have worked as a foot model for pedicure spa products and thus seem to have most suitable feet, so i put an auction up on ebay, featuring my battered old trainers, and pics of my naked feet with a black “censured” cover up photoshopped over my toes.

    you won’t believe the kinds of emails i got. i’m still so grossed out, and shaking with laughter at the same time. some of these footsie fetish people are very disturbing, to say the least. it was ridiculously naive of me to put up that auction and think it would work out without… errr… mental friction. however, those ancient adidas sold for 100+ euros, but i’d never ever do that again, and wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.

  13. Ann says:

    Gross. Just absolutely gross.

  14. Elona says:

    Haha that’s funny. it is a joke, right?

  15. deja pseu says:

    At some point today, I hope to be able to pick my jaw back up off the floor.

  16. carla fox says:

    A friend my mine’s son sold his used socks on ebay, posing in them in the photos and he sold them for huge money! “Never washed! Worn many times!” Those were the ones the fetched the big prices. Seriously. Some sick individuals out there…..

  17. sheri says:

    I was repulsed before I even read about the 6 years of being worn and not washed and the warmth-induced smell. It’s hard enough to believe that they sell enough of these to make them in the FIRST place; it’s disturbing on MANY levels that they could actually expect to sell these for over $4,000. Let’s see: I can buy these hugely hideous smelly monstrosities or pay my kids tuition at a state college for a semester. Let me think. . .

    And did their ad-copy person actually write “ergonimic”? I presume they meant ergonomic, which must refer to the fact that they could function also as a sack, canvas for a tent in case you find yourself stranded in the wilderness, and/or possess enough extra fabric that, in the event that a friend or family member find themselves withOUT pants, you can construct a second pair out of yours.

  18. Dru says:

    Oh, Sister, fetishists will try anything. I’ve had emails from a few who wanted to see my “toes and stockings”, probably because the word ‘stilettos’ features prominently in the name of my blog.

  19. Dru says:

    But SIX YEARS of not washing and constant wear?! That’s just DISGUSTING.

    (caps to indicate just how disgusted I am)

  20. MizLottie says:

    Fetishists WILL try anything — I used to work in the cosmetics section of a major department store and I would occasionally get calls from a guy who wanted to know what colors women were wearing on their toes, he was obsessed with “toe nail polish”. I was very young and very naive at the time and told him “Oh, the same colors they wear on their fingernails, they don’t sell a separate product for feet.” He had a very low voice and spoke very slowly but would always insist he was interested in what women were wearing on their toes. Finally someone older and wiser than I was grabbed the phone and hung up on him but I would actually look forward to the calls because freaks like him cracked my shit up.

  21. sam says:

    In a shop I used to work in I had a gentleman customer suggest we go to a park at lunchtime where he could photograph my feet.
    I was far too hungry to oblige.
    But thats not what this post is about…
    …$4,192.65!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have GOT to be joking? for un-washed wide ‘ergonimic leg’ Levis?? Whats a wide ergonimic leg?
    That seller is curating a guffaw.

  22. Nickie Frye says:

    What in the WORLD?! This is repulsive! And I’m not easily repulsed by gross stinky clothes. I have two small children AND I’m a vintage clothing dealer. CLEANING stinky clothes is my business. Why anyone would actually WANT smelly pants is beyond my understanding. Seriously. This is flabbergasting.

  23. I had a law school classmate who was Tea Party before angry fat white men had a movement name, who insisted on various things being signs of the end of civilization, a la Fall of the Roman Empire.

    These qualify.

  24. Nicole says:

    Here’s what I want to know…how do these people come up with the price of these items? Is it by magic? Maybe the scent “tells them” the number…
    When I read this I wanted to contact “JOHN”…maybe that’s what we should all do.
    On a completely random note, all this talk of fetishism and stinkiness reminded me of the case of Ed Savitz from Philly.
    Be warned: it’s real ADULT.

  25. Aja says:

    I like these but that price tag makes it comical.

  26. Mariel says:

    eeewwwwwwwww this cracked me up, it’s too funny especially the “slightly warm” part


  27. kirsten says:

    i actually SNORTED when i saw those (that was before i even read the description). i can’t remember the last time i laughed so hard i snorted. wow. just wow.

  28. kirsten says:

    and oh my god at the link nicole posted…i wasn’t sure if i should vomit or just be completely and utterly bewildered. that is beyond horrifying.

  29. Suspended says:

    Haha Skye….I thought Ebay had banned that type of auction years ago. Did you look at her other auctions?

    I thought this was a very original use for a lemon.


  30. Caroline says:

    I like the nervous way the model is standing. It looks to me as if he’s breathing in, trying not to let any of that manky old denim touch his skin. You can almost hear him thinking, ‘if I put my legs together I’ll catch some sort of hideous historical crotch rot’. You can bet your bottom that he scoured himself in the shower afterwards.

  31. K-Line says:

    High on freakin’ drugs.

  32. candy says:

    I understand why it smells so bad, the guy didn’t wear underwear! click on te link and look at the front picture. gross!

  33. Sister Wolf says:

    And yet, this is a really cool and reputable online store offering these jeans, not a perv on eBay!

  34. the real andrea says:

    6 years- never been washed- that is wrong on so many levels. I like the baggy silhouette, but I am drawn to stuff that’s a little “off”. But don’t think I could get past the smell or the price. EEEEWWWWW!!!!! (And I do like the store, LN-CC).

  35. sam says:

    Sister – I think it WAS respectable and cool online store – over 4 grand for a pair of jeans – very UNCOOL and obscene.
    There are people starving in the world for fucks sake.

  36. hammiesays says:

    well I sure learned something this evening. I have really good feet too…….

    ps. Do I need to have toe cleavage and those horrible long toenails Skye?

  37. Andra says:

    Just imagine what David Duff’s longjohns would fetch, but I bet Mrs Duff washes them.

  38. Aja says:

    I just realized almost every male I knew in London owned one pair or multiple pairs of these jeans. What the eff? Why? Why? Why? And I owned a pair of the ladies ones. Not baggy, fitted but with twisty leg. And the best part? I bought them at my local Levi’s store for $20 on super mark down. In 2003 they weren’t so supremely popular in the US. The fact that someone is trying to sell them for this ridiculous amount is everything which is wrong in this world.

  39. liz says:

    I’m going to start paying homeless men for their jeans and then selling them for 5 grand because that’s clearly what they did here

  40. I feel exceptionally uncomfortable looking at this. Since it seems to be evoking such a powerful reaction from us all perhaps the store would be wiser to market this strange garment as ‘art’.

  41. Tricia says:

    Or you could go to Dr. Jay’s on 34th Street and get a pair of XXXL Levis and cinch the waist. But of course there would be no smell.

  42. ok that’s one badass pair.

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