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The Bow Outrage

“In a shocking display of fealty to a foreign potentate, President Obama bowed to Saudi King Abdullah at the Group of 20 summit in London last week,” declares an editorial in the Washington Times. I am truly beginning to love … Continue reading

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Special Olympics Fuss

Oh god, President Obama made a joke comparing his bowling ineptitude to the Special Olympics. Big deal! Now we have to hear everyone talking shit about it, not only people like Mrs. Palin but normal people, too! This sanctimonious PC … Continue reading

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Pastor Schmastor:Leave God Out of Government!

Sometimes I can’t believe what an idiot I am! Here I’ve been getting madder and madder about Obama’s decision to leave Rev. Gene Robinson’s opening prayer out of HBO’s coverage of the events at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday. The Presidential … Continue reading

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My Friends, Grandpa Made Us Cringe, Didn’t He?

It was almost sad, but you know, it wasn’t! It felt good to see Grandpa wandering around like an arthritic midget, baring his horrible teeth in a mean grimace. He was Danny DeVito to Obama’s Fred Astaire. Who would you … Continue reading

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