LA Fashion for the Goth in All of Us

Skin.Graft is an L.A. based label I first heard about via Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls. That’s how hip I am. But I forgot about it until recently, and now I can’t get enough. Look at the antler girl! I asked for antlers, and the universe answered. The ruffled skirt is one of Skin.Graft’s trademarks, and I think it rules.

For their fall/winter 2009 collection, designers Jonny Cota, Cassidy Haley and Katie Kay pulled their inspiration from “neo-Victorian royalty and overly tarnished motorcycles smashing into each other at high speeds.”

Sounds good to me.

While my bosom was still heaving over Skin.Graft, I learned that Louis Verdad has a new collection that is also heavy on the Goth-inspired leather and spikes.

Mmmmmm. When I retire to the attic like Mrs. Rochester, I plan to be swathed in Louis Verdad on the occasions that my Victorian mourning gowns are in the wash.

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6 Responses to LA Fashion for the Goth in All of Us

  1. I find that spiked vertebrae strangely appealing. I’ve been searching for a look that will scare off the suburban moms who chat me up at school pick up time. It would probably improve my posture too, since it looks like slouching or leaning back would be impossible.

  2. WCGB says:

    I think all the women in the military should be able to choose this attire in place of their standard-issue uniforms. It might cut down on the number of rapes.

  3. drollgirl says:

    ggggggoth!!! i still love it!

  4. Rattletat says:

    I was what was once known in the UK as a didigoth – mostly black, but with a little light relief with purple and violet and less heavy on the khol. I’m drawn to this, too, especially in the vein of IHeartFashion’s repelling of school mums. I am one in the logistical sense of having to drop of and fetch, but feel violent sick when in the proximity of other, more beige, sorts. I may leave it until I’ve lost weight. Or I’ll just look like a fat biker whose had an unfortunate meeting with a cattle grid. Sister Wolf, never retire to the attic. You’re our breath of fresh Eyre…

  5. rudy zarsov says:

    Belt me around the ears if you want but I like fashion (mens and womens) to make us look more attractive. That hood thing is ugly and would make most people look less attractive as does most of this gothy fashion.
    I also understand that haute couture is meant as a theme that trickles down to the average consumer but this stuff is just plain ugly, fugly even.

  6. I’ll buy all your back stock, but only if you put up a photoshoot of ALL the pieces as they were meant to be seen. You in them.

    (And leaving your entire head OFF, as per the SWORD leather jacket shot, is not something I am about to just forgive, I hope you know. Don’t make me summon the evil powers of the Duffster to complete this circle of thing with the ultimate whatsit and the whole power-of-Christ-compels-you trip. I’ll do it. You know I would.)

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