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A Hatred Stoppage

I was excited about finding a new blog to hate, based on the recommendations of my astute readers. You all know what a hater I am. Although I don’t hate “on” people, as I’ve already made clear. Anyway, I went … Continue reading

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Two Shopbop Girls and One Contest

This Shopbop girl has been bothering me for ages. Why does she always have to jut her head forward like this? Who tells her to do it? Or is it her trademark or something? Waaah, make it stop! Now, this … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Band in the World

Even in the midst of a crisis, I find I have not lost my ability to Hate! On a brief visit to my own home, I was privileged to catch a performance (on the David Letterman Show) by the stupidest, … Continue reading

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Kelly Bensimon, a Gift From God

Once again, I’m the last one to find out about something that the whole world already knows.   When it comes to hating Kelly Bensimon though, better late than never! What a fucking horrible woman!   When you’re watching Kelly Bensimon, she … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry, I Hate Her

I’ve just discovered a fashion blogger that everyone else already knows about, thanks to a newsletter from Refinery 29. I hated her at Hello. I feel this is a huge faux pas on my part, and yet, there it is. … Continue reading

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Stalking The Ex

You know that crap you see on MSN that’s there to distract you with mundane and/or bizarre trivia….like “Lose Weight While Eating” or “Ten Ways to See if He’s a Mass Murderer?” Obviously, I’m much too savvy to click on … Continue reading

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And Too, Palin’s Fashion IQ is Also Zero

What, the RNC spent $150,000 on Mrs. P’s wardrobe?!?!?! How can you spend that much money and still look like trailor trash?! Most of it was spent at Saks and Neiman Marcus, but all I can see are a bunch … Continue reading

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Madonna Finally Delivers!

Dear Madge, I’ve always hated you but for once you’ve made me happy.   First, because while posing for a picture of my big biker boots, I realize that I’m five years older than you and I never exercise. Ha ha, … Continue reading

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Skulls, Fur, and Gwyneth Paltrow

Look at these amazing little purses by Natalie Brilli. Gazing at them, I completely forgot that I’m sick of skulls. I would hate to have to choose between them. In fact, I need everything she’s ever designed, even the black … Continue reading

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Weekend Festival of Hate

Today, Queen Marie discussed her hatred of Keira Knightley and I was excited to find that we share this bias. Shared biases are as pleasurable as shared enthusiasms….sometimes more. To be fair to Queen Marie, I don’t think she used … Continue reading

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