A Hatred Stoppage


I was excited about finding a new blog to hate, based on the recommendations of my astute readers. You all know what a hater I am. Although I don’t hate “on” people, as I’ve already made clear.

Anyway, I went to check out the girl who calls herself Gala Darling, only to find to my horror that I couldn’t hate her!

She seems like a ridiculous person, yes. She goes on and on about shit in a wordy but bland manner, and she certainly seems to love herself, a trait that normally enrages me.

But her nose is too big, and that may be where I draw the line.

How can you really work up a good head of hatred for someone when you feel bad about their nose? The only exception is Sarah Jessica Parker, who brandishes that nose around just to spite us.

The big nose is such blight on the Darling girl’s life that she is trying desperately to compensate with a kooky personality and Manic Panic hair color. Her whole persona screams, “I want love and attention without having to get a nose-job!” But as we know, this won’t work.   The nose is there, we see it! Even though Barbara Streisand has an amazing voice, we were bothered by her nose!

I feel I have failed my faithful readers in this unforeseen hatred malfunction. I tried to hate a seemingly worthy target and yet I’m blocked. I did look at her boyfriend though, and I think I can hate him with no trouble.

Let me have another chance! Suggestions?

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53 Responses to A Hatred Stoppage

  1. Gala Darling's nose is long because she's Pinocchio says:

    Gala Darling has a big-ass nose because she lies and lies and LIES! Her nose will only get bigger like Pinocchio!

    Gala D is covering her tracks like crazy now, with the blog posts about finances and how she REGRETS buying $900 shoes. But everyone knows the truth now and it’s too late, Miss Bunnyhead Trust Fund Fraud Fake Gala Darling!

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  3. donna says:

    hey guys what is this ‘cut out and keep’ article? i wanna see it!

    i hate GD.

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