“In What Respect, Charlie?”

As we all take cover from the media blitz surrounding the publication of Mrs. Palin’s “book,” it’s fun to recall our favorite Palinisms from the campaign. This video makes me feel kind of nostalgic…

Another antidote to “Going Rogue”:   Check out the new book “Going Rouge,” a collection of essays about the real horror of Mrs. P, by writers like Matt Taibbi, Gloria Steinem, Frank Rich and Naomi Klein.


Please rise and join me in prayer:

Dear lord,
Preventeth me from giveth-ing in to temptation and watching that perfidious concubine on Oprah.   Amen.

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12 Responses to “In What Respect, Charlie?”

  1. Juri says:

    Hear O Israel and the rest of the lot! Thus sayeth the Lord of all flesh, plants and televisions: “O, Sons and daughters of Man, why do ye ask me to help ye out on this one? I wish I could deliver and protect ye but I can’t. Behold, I even I am helpless before this evil and will give in and watch Oprah mineselfeth.”

    Also too, I had also forgotten how brilliant she was in every respect, Charlie. The way she used that basketball analogy to prove that quitting is an honourable thing was pure poetry.

    It’s a shame she won’t be around by 2012. The elections will be so dull without her.

  2. Ann says:

    That video was pure happiness, from start to finish.

  3. Mark says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: rancid twat.

  4. Mamma Mia! I met the editor working on SP’s book. All she was allowed to say is that SP is a complete nightmare. Hmm like we didn’t know that?

  5. WCGB says:

    Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring and Activity Book. Mike and Julie, the authors, are friends of my friend Susan (2020hindsight.org). Please, everyone–buy early and often.

  6. I hope lots of stupid conservatives buy Going Rouge by accident!

  7. JK says:

    I’ll be damned. You really are an ordained minister.

    No one could offer up such an inspired plea unless ministerial blood was flowing through the veins.

  8. SA says:

    Just wanted to know if anyone else heard the delicious news that the redneck that knocked up Palin’s daughter, Bristol, is now posing for Playgirl and also says he’s totally comfortable with being a ‘gay icon’??

  9. OMGGMAB says:

    I for one will not miss SP.

    I hope the 2012 elections are boring as hell. I’m sick of Sarah, sick of her god, sick of her saying she is a great mom WHEN SHE IS NEVER HOME! At this point, I want her to go away, stay in Alaska where the snow and cold can continue to keep her frozen heart in tact. Please send her away from all of us forever! I wish her children well, but truly, they have no hope unless their dad is a decent person.

    Frankly, I guess it is a testament to the freedoms we enjoy in this country that such an idiot could actually rise to the level of potential vice president of America. It is also a testament that we all continue to have the freedom to be ignorant, stupid, and to make choices based on a person’s “hot looks” alone. In that respect, Sarah Palin has reaped the benefits for which her ancestors fought. Let’s sincerely hope that she makes no headway in undoing what her son, among countless other of our current military, fight for everyday.

    Go home, stay home, be quiet, and be a mom, Sarah Palin!

  10. dewayne says:


    i’m not surprised at all by this

  11. dewayne says:

    weird…well, the link works….i’m not sure what all that other junk is.

  12. Aja says:

    Did you watch her on Oprah today? The news producer in the next cubicle was watching it and I kept trying to eavesdrop.

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