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Bad Girl

  I had a close call the other day, when I came across an expensive and totally inappropriate fashion piece that ignited my fantasy of being an angry schoolgirl. Look at how bad ass this is! I pictured my self … Continue reading

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Gwyneth, Enough Already!

I know it’s not very interesting to hate Gwyneth, but how can one ignore her this week? It’s like she WILL NOT REST until every single person on earth detests her. Is her work done yet? If not, we’re getting … Continue reading

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Madonna, I’m Begging

I can’t take much more of Madge’s provocations. Obviously the UN is helpless, just like with Syria. Who would think that she’d still be so insistent about bothering us! Has the competition from Lady Gaga driven her out of her … Continue reading

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Just Answer This Question

Beyonce celebrated her 30th birthday on her yacht in Italy, with family and a few close friends. Her close friend Gwyneth (??) was seen giving Beyonce an envelope.  ¬†Look how happy she is after she opens it! I need to … Continue reading

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The Lesser of Two Evils

I have PTSD and the world is going to hell, but for the moment I’m choosing to focus on other matters. For example, here is a challenging dilemma: Who is more annoying. Gwyneth or Chloe? On the one hand, Gwyneth … Continue reading

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The Wonder of Rachel Zoe

Sometimes a person comes along and captures your attention no matter how much you think you don’t care about them. Such is the wonder of Rachel Zoe. I thought I’d had enough of her after reading about her fight with … Continue reading

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Meet Madonna’s Personal Trainer!

Today I read a thing about Gwyneth’s expensive new gym in New York, and her partner/personal trainer, Tracy Anderson. Tracy is also Madonna’s personal trainer, and she takes credit for creating Madge’s controversial body. If you check out Tracy’s website, … Continue reading

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