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2012 Grammy Awards Exegesis

This year, it was all about Whitney Houston and Adele. Poor Whitney, her death is a tragedy and a lesson in Don’t Do Drugs, but her version of “I Will always Love You” is still an abomination. Each ascending refrain … Continue reading

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Today I went to see my psychiatrist but he forgot to tell me he’d be out of town. His office is in a studio behind his house, which has a large front courtyard. Two beautiful young women appeared in the … Continue reading

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I Hope to Dance Again Some Day

Community gardens in all of New York City’s five boroughs, many begun in the late 60’s and early 70’s, were the product of grass-roots activism. Residents who were unwilling to wait for the city to clean up abandoned lots, moved … Continue reading

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Black Metal Stupidity

I always enjoy the discovery of a scholarly approach to a silly or lowbrow subject. Remember when Camille Paglia used to write about Madonna? I had no idea that Black Metal Theory is now a philosophy and field of study … Continue reading

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Grammys 2011 for Dummies

Just quickly: Rhianna needs to take up prostitution and get it over with. Lady Gaga needs to get the fuck over herself. J Lo needs to lose the hair extensions and her creepy husband. Mick Jagger needs to eat and … Continue reading

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“I Say Grow That Shit Like a Jungle!”

Stop what you’re doing and listen to Amanda Palmer‘s brand new song “Map of Tasmania“…an ode to pubic hair.   You’ll be humming it all day.   God bless her. ~

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The What – Amsterdamaged from Sister Wolf on Vimeo. Max tearing it up on lead guitar.

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NSFW – The What Band

‘A long lost underground classic video from The What, the greatest band never heard. Originally titled “In Praise of Militant Feminism of the Most Exotic Varieties”, Bacchus Racchus takes us back to the Dionysian revelry of the golden age, utter … Continue reading

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Guest Author: Lucas Revolution

I received a newsletter from Lucas on the road, and I’d like to share his adventures with you. I hope he won’t mind. (He can always file a restraining order.) ~ Dear Friends and Lovers, I made it.   Today I … Continue reading

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Revolution is for Lovers

The wait is over: Lucas Revolution is live online. Like I said over here, I couldn’t love him more. I’m passing along his message – Dear Lovers, Lucas here.   Launching my new website from the most beautifully squalid bar in … Continue reading

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