Beatles Party

beatles party


My friend Jane threw a great party for her birthday, instructing her guests to dress as characters from a Beatles song. The creative challenge was enough to make me accept the invitation and even more noteworthy, to get up off my ass and actually go.

As you can easily see, I was Baby from the song “Baby’s in Black.”  I am even wearing a bib that says ‘Mommy Loves Me.’ Please note that I’m wearing a flared satin evening coat; I am not really that fat.  It was pointed out to me that I could also be the title character of “Lady Madonna.” Thus, I  unwittingly achieved a double Beatles reference!

Anyway,  it was a uniquely entertaining evening on the grounds of a stunning mansion, Beatles karaoke blasting, baby-boomers mingling and asking each other stupidly: “Who are you supposed to be?”

We were advised to bring our own liquor, so we brought a bottle of white wine someone had given us for some occasion. We added it to a large group of bottles near the pool area. A lady walked up and asked: “Is there any good wine here?” I told her, “We just brought this, you are welcome to have some!” She looked at our bottle and shook her head in disgust, remarking “No, that is not a good wine.” After she left, my husband and I shared a moment of stunned delight at encountering such a rude bitch.

Much later, my husband pointed out a person in the distance and said “You have to check out those pants, they’re printed with the Maharishi!”

Look at these fucking pants and scream WHAT THE HELL?!?

Maharishi pants


I  stopped the pants-wearer, who was pleased to explain how she got them. You can take any picture to Wallgreens and they will make you a pair of pants with a pattern of your image!

Obviously, I fell in love with this wonderful woman. My heart went clunk. Isn’t she lovely? She even asked if I was an artist, which was so flattering. I had to explain, “No, I am nothing.” But still, I think I have made a new friend, and the pleasure in connecting reminded me that in certain moments, life is almost worth living.

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8 Responses to Beatles Party

  1. Kellie says:

    You are many things. Including a writer and fabulous. You are also a fabulous writer.
    I am glad you had a night worthy of you !!

  2. Sally says:

    So glad you had an enjoyable night out and made a friend to boot. You’re a writer dear lady, bloody good one too.

  3. Sister Wolf says:

    Kellie – Thank you, how nice of you!

    Sally – Oh my, thank you so much!

  4. It’s so nice to meet a new friend, a proper one…..and people don’t have enough parties anymore. The next dress up shindig I go to I’ll be going as Little Edie – I don’t care what the theme is, I can work her into anything.

  5. Suspended says:

    Oh Sister, you are a great many things to a great many people…Witty, astute, stylish, interesting, resilient, and a great writer that a lot of us enjoy immensely.

    You are our modern day dark Rapunzel. You are loved x

  6. Sister Wolf says:

    Madam Restora – I can’t wait, and I will need to see a picture.

    Suspended – Never leave me. xoxo

  7. Cricket9 says:

    Good that you had some fun – and you’re CERTAINLY NOT “nothing”! I think that I may know this rude bitch looking for a “good wine”…

  8. Debbie says:

    You are NOT a nothing. You are an extremely cool, brilliant writer who can make me laugh til I pee and cry for real. Glad you had fun and p.s. you couldn’t look fat if you tried. And I hate you for that. Not really … but you know.

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