Fashion: Too Fashionable

Louise Wilson, the course director of the M.A. program at Central Saint Martins, voices a complaint in an interview with Cathy Horyn.

I think the problem is that fashion has become too fashionable. For years, fashion wasn’t fashionable. Today fashion is so fashionable that it’s almost embarrassing to say you’re part of fashion. All the parodies of it. All the dreadful magazines. That has destroyed it as well, because everybody thinks fashion is attainable.

Did you follow that? I’m not sure if I did, but if she’s saying that fashion is now available to the masses and as such it has reached a saturation point where everyone is decked out in the same “It Items.” then I totally agree.

For fall, it’s shaggy fur coats and vests, pseudo biker crap, lots of leather, sky-high heels, pre-shredded jeans and t-shirts, multiple chains, more leather leggings. We’ll all look like high-priced prostitutes and leftovers from Dallas with big padded shoulders and gaudy bling.

I’m already sick of it! It’s so tired and trite. Why even bother?

I propose three strong new looks for autumn/winter: The Saint, The Nun, and the Lady Mobster.


Christian Lacroix knows what he’s doing. This dress should inspire us to make our own saint regalia with old tablecloths and fabric flowers.   For headgear, maybe some old flamenco hair combs with lace veils.

Obama Vatican

Michelle’s gorgeous veil by Moschino surely put that Pope in his place by outdoing him in drama. Haha, Pope Ratty, now what? Her look reminds me of how beautiful women can add a new dimension of sexuality to Nun garb. If the black lace is too solemn for you, here’s a different take on Nunwear by Lust Designs.   Penny, the designer, is a doll.


Finally, there’s the Lady Mobster. Janet Jackson epitomized this look at her brother’s memorial. I have never seen her look more beautiful or commanding. She was perfection, dressed and styled by Versace.


Elegant, ladylike, tough, sexy, a look that says Don’t Fuck With Me.

There you have it, Sister Wolf’s three looks for the modern woman who’s ready to move beyond Boho fringe, rompers and Faux Rocker Chick dishevelment.

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21 Responses to Fashion: Too Fashionable

  1. Queen Marie says:

    You know I will be all over that first look like a rash.
    Thanks to you, I am a Saint as well as a Queen. We must start looking for suitable tablecloths at once. I’m fine for the flowers…

  2. Love the Lacroix!
    And the cut is quite forgiving.

  3. e says:

    Also, I love this!!! So much! I wanted to be a sexy latex nun every since high school but especially since Miuccia Prada did that issue of Pop… mmm…

  4. Mark says:

    Love the lady mobster look. You’re right about Janet Jackson. Even with those extra 80 pounds, she looks great. And remember: don’t confuse Lady Mobster with Mobster’s Wife. For Mobster’s Wife looks, see “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” or check out what Carmela is wearing on any episode of “The Sopranos.”

    For men, this fall’s look is the Homeless Preppy. Wait: maybe that’s the look for only one man.

  5. Jill says:

    It irks me that I’ve become a “fashion fad”…I could try the lady mobster look, but then I’d have to give up all my vices…or wear an extra strength girdle. Booze and food do not equal figure hugging pencil skirted gun moll chic! I wonder where Janet bought her undergarments? Spanx isn’t gonna gut it! I meant cut it…Freudian slip! I could move on from my standard disheveled bohemian to 70’s drug lord chick…but my boobs are too big for satin charmeuse slipdresses ala Michelle Pfeiffer and Penelope Cruz…

  6. WendyB says:

    Agree, Janet looks the best she ever has, in a weird way.

    Fashion people care too fucking much about what other people are thinking. In general (there’s one exception but I’ll tell you that off the record!) if I love something I’ll wear it whether no one is wearing it or everyone is wearing it. It’s generally more fun if no one is wearing it, but of course that means you sometimes end up on the fashion disaster page, so there are drawbacks too. But really, people, just wear what you want and stop worrying about whether your fashion is too fashionable for the unfashionable. Or whatever! I mean, if you want to wear an H&M dress that is the same as 10 million other people, just do it and own it.

    As for me, I’m going to dress like a beheaded queen.

  7. HelOnWheels says:

    Love the Lacroix! Actually, it reminds me a bit of traditional, Russian folk wedding dresses/costumes.

    Janet and Michelle look amazing. I’d love to go for the Lady Mobster look. I sure hope it doesn’t make me “fashionable”.

  8. dust says:

    I have eternal love/hate relationship with fashion. Louise is right. But then WendyB is right too, I love my H&M.
    My only escape is to call fashion democratic, even if seeing you bloggers of all ages, shapes and colors, all over the world, all you guys want is this one jacket worn with wet-look and gladiator anything. But, if that’s what you want, so be it.
    I’ll rebel against the flow and wear pastel colored cardigans.

  9. Maja says:

    I’ll be going for the blue-collar worker look, because I got a job in a tile shop. Thick, dirty polyester work trousers, steel-toed shoes, the works. People in sequined topshop jackets will gasp as I strut past them. Or so I like to believe!

  10. I completely agree ref being decked out the same – but seriously do you not think Wilson is being a bit snobby or I wonder who she is having a dig at – I must investigate this further and get the low down from her fellow colleagues.

    I’m going to be guided by you and ignore the rest. I’ve got a great line in tablecloths but somehow I think adapting my red gingham trattoria one would look wrong. More santa than saint.

  11. JK says:

    Ms. Wilson apparently attended and received her degree in communications from the same great schools Mrs. Palin did.

    I read it four times and thought to myself, “every profession has its version of Sarah.”

  12. editor says:

    me thinks the quote is very pitiful.
    i’m surprised she can function with that level of paralyzing insecurity.

  13. Bex says:

    That first one looks like a Victorian Vampire bride..and Janet looks fab!

    @ Maya: Ahhhh.. Rosie the Riveter look!

  14. Queen Michelle says:

    “…because everybody thinks fashion is attainable”. Of course it bloody attainable because, uh, you can buy it?!
    I think it’s only the too fashionable that get caught up in being too fashionable. The rest of us don’t give a rats arse.

  15. Sister Wolf says:

    Queen Marie – Let’s go!

    Iheartfashion – Good point, Saints shouldn’t have to diet.

    e- They had a sexy nun outfit at Lip Service online, but it sold out!

    Mark – I was careful to distinguish Lady Mobster from Mobster wife. A world of difference! Preppy Homeless is a nice complement to Geriatric Tomboy.

    Jill – Must you remind me of your boobs?!

    WendyB – People should wear what they want, but they’re too brainwashed to know what they want. They do what they’re told. That’s why they’re wearing torn boyfriend jeans.

    HelOnWheels – The Lady Mobster is timeless and beyond fashion!

    dust – I don’t know about the pastel cardigans…it’s so Polygamous Wife.

    Maja – Well I hope to god you put your hand-to-face when you strut by!

    Make Do -Hahahahahha!

    JK -So true! Maybe she will resign!

    editor – She’ll never live down that quote, that’s for sure.

    Bex – Janet is really on it, isn’t she?

    Queen Michelle – Maybe she doesn’t want it to be attainable, it ruins the elitism.

  16. Moda says:

    Louise Wilson doesn’t want it to be attainable. What a shame we’re all ruining her little fashion club for her. Too many members now. So uncool. Poor Louise..

  17. Jill says:

    Yes…I heart my boobs! So there, chica!

  18. ambika says:

    How do you continue to read my mind? At a BBQ the other day, half the women were shredded jeans. At a BBQ. So strangely consistent!

    I could so go for that lady mobster look.

  19. Sister Wolf says:

    Moda – Bingo!

    Jill – Who doesn’t love them?!? They’re the bomb.

    ambika – You should!!! It would really suit you!

  20. Ugh, now do we have to come up with a new word for fashion? What’s wrong with these people! Although that was a very entertaining 6 sentences.
    Lacroix, Lacroix, Lacroix! And I’d get one in black, too.

  21. Eek says:

    Did you hear that Louise Wilson passed away just a week or so ago? Really too bad. That is a wonderful quote of hers. i think she misses a time when people were not so foolish as to regard fashion as aspirational. And as Karl Lagerfeld says, if you have to save up for the bag, you can’t afford it. I would be interested to know more about what Wilson approved of.

    Your tastes interest me very much. The Lacroix Madonna is absolutely exquisite. And Michelle Obama has never looked prettier or more feminine than with the veil. She should wear one every day!

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