Your Key Piece For Fall


Your rocker chic look will revolve around the leather dress. These two are at Intermix.   Haha, I already have mine.

I’ve got my over-the-knee leather boots and my six leather jackets. Now all I’m missing are the leather you-know-whats (I’ve decided never to use the word “leggings” again, after reading this account of an idiotic personal struggle over them.)

Is there another word I can use? “The L-word” is already taken.   I need suggestions.

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10 Responses to Your Key Piece For Fall

  1. JK says:

    “Never-ending leg condoms.”

    And (borrowing from the military’s love of silly acronyms) shorten that to “NevELeCs.”

    Nevlecs. (We can share credit the next time they update the language list.)

  2. ash says:

    There was a similar article in Vogue magazine recently. I don’t think either of those women deserve to be wearing leggings. I love leggings. I called them “my Dee Snider pants”!!!

  3. HelOnWheels says:

    Who the heck has that much free time to spend on agonizing over “Dee Snider Pants” (thanks ash! I love that! I’m calling them DSPs for short)??? Seriously. She’s an idiot that obviously needs a productive hobby or to participate in some kind of volunteer work.

    I really “NEED” a leather dress now!!! Curse you, SW, for bringing the holes in my wardrobe to my attention! Especially when I’m on a buying ban!

  4. Bex says:

    That first one is cute.

  5. kansas says:

    shank casings

  6. dust says:

    But, leggings are perfect for covering smaller flaws, like saggy knees and veins.
    It’s the young smoothies that shouldn’t be wearing them.

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    JK – Nevleks, I like it!

    ash -DSP’s is good, too.

    HelOnWheels – I agree!!! I’m sorry about the leather dress, I’ll help you find one that won’t send you to debtor’s prison.

    Bex – AND it comes in red, fyi.

    Kansas – Hahahahaha!

    dust – I just can’t take the word anymore. Back in the day, they were called tights.

  8. jennine says:

    well, in the 80’s i called ‘leggings’ ‘stretch pants’, or spandex, footless tights, stirrup stretch pants..etc… i dont’ think i called them leggings until this century.

    oh wait the footless tights with lace trim, i didnt’ have those until 1990, i remember we moved to SoCal in 1990 and i bought my first pair at contempo casuals.

    god i miss that store.

  9. jennine says:

    oh, and leather dress! i have mine too! it’s white though….

  10. Contempo Casuals!! I wish I’d saved everything I bought at that store. Best, cheap, back-of-bus clothing ever. I like Dee Sniders as a substitute. Or just the traditional tights.
    I’m sick of these articles about what women should wear in middle age. And now I can’ t say middle age anymore. Who knows when they are officially middle-aged? And is she sure she entered adulthood in ’89?

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