Gratuitous Cute Guy Post III

This one’s a little David Lee Roth, and yet….it works.

Miles is nothing but pure yummy. Remember?


This one is making me forget about Miles. He’s a model from the Gilded Age SS-11 runway show, but I feel certain he’s also highly intelligent.

Who can resist a man in a wedding gown?! Not me.


Tomorrow I’m going to gather the Clueless Goth contestants, so hurry up if you want to get in on it. (I may even try it myself if I can get off my ass for a change.)

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34 Responses to Gratuitous Cute Guy Post III

  1. Alison Cross says:

    Very niiiiiiiice. Even the man in the frock…….

    Ali x

  2. Ann says:

    Wedding dress man is the one for me.

  3. Aja says:

    I can’t do clueless goth. I don’t think I have enough inspiration or direction sadly. It confuses me.

  4. Marky says:

    I’m pro Wedding Dress Man. Miles looks as if he would always be fussing with his hair.

  5. Tricia says:

    Yeah, I’m with the wedding dress man too. I think I overdid it with long-haired boys in the late 80’s.

  6. drollgirl says:

    um, david lee roth WISHES he was still that hot. those days are LONG GONE for dlr!!!

  7. carla says:

    Can’t wait to see the clueless goth post, mainly because I know someone who decided to open a “Goth Shop” somewhere in Africa. Unfortunately, Goth (to them) = bad polyester and velvet floor-length outfits (in the tropics – urgghhhh!) and cheesy lacy (itchy polyester) shirts and “sexy” plaid schoolgirl shirts, and (mystifyingly) a ton of heavy metal/death metal/skull and crossbones(pirate chic?) T-shirts. Everything is BLACK and oversized except for the occasional red or maroon plaid (and undersized) skirt. It’s a mess. But very popular with the clueless African Goth – they’re making a killing.

  8. Wobblinbetty says:

    oh wow! tnx for sharing these!!! xxx

  9. A few weeks ago, I probably would have turned up my nose at the guy in the wedding dress. But then my roommate made me watch Rocky Horror Picture Show with her. So now I love it.

    Funny how Tim Curry can practically force you into finding something attractive…

  10. I often wonder why so many male models grow their hair long. (re: Miles) I’d find him much more attractive after a good cut. Would certainly put the focus back on his green eyes.

  11. Erika says:

    I love gratuitous men shots. As i get older I am learning how wonderful it is to objectify males.

    Look at my latest blog post and scroll to the bottom of it. The guys in the tub, I think they are twins. It’s my screensaver at home too!!

  12. I tried to do clueless goth but I realised I really looked like one. I could provide a step by step guide on how to compile a clueless goth look with ease. I’ll have wedding dress man please.

  13. Witch Moma says:

    Mr. Red Shorts please.

  14. peaceBwithU says:

    Red shorts or NO shorts at all I will take him.

  15. Rudy Zarsov says:

    Why do women like girly men?

    It is against the reproduction urges of the human species where the Alpha is the one that is preferred

  16. HelOnWheels says:

    @Rudy – Society has changed. Alpha Males aren’t what they used to be because women’s wants have changed. Plus, those aren’t “girly” men. They’re very much MEN! Androgyny =/= feminine or masculine, one or the other, it means having the characteristics of both. Throughout history the popularity of androgyny has ebbed and flowed. In the court of Queen Elizabeth I androgyny in men was very popular and fashionable, same thing in the courts of Louis XIV and Charles II and in 1920’s Berlin.

    And with that I’ll take Gratuitous Cute Guy #1 – who reminds me more of young Iggy Pop but hotter and Sebastian Bach from that 1990s Rolling Stone cover than of DLR – (Helllloooooo, nurse! He’s already handcuffed!!), Miles and Mr. Wedding Gown! All super super sexy, so much so that I think I’m having a hot flash.

  17. HelOnWheels says:

    Uuuhmm…sorry for the double post, SW. But I’ll take them all! I was turned off by the super vacant look on Red Shorts’ face but then I saw the rest of him…WHAT??? Is that wrong?? Then I don’t want to be right!

  18. Cricket9 says:

    @Erika – I agree, let’s objectify!
    @ Rudy, HoW is right – they are not girly, they are slightly androgynous, and there is something attractive about it; beats me if I can articulate what exactly.
    Can’t wait for a real clueless goth.

  19. Rudy Zarsov says:

    @hellonwheels. Funny you should mention the courts of Louis XIV, Charles11 and 1920 Berlin. Look what happened to them, all destroyed by Alphas.

    Watch out for the short back ‘n sides, they are coming for this generation 🙂

  20. Megan64 says:

    I hope long hair on men comes back soon. I love it, which shows I came of age in the ’90s.

  21. Dru says:

    oooooh, shackles in Photograph 1! (or what resemble shackles, anyway). But I still prefer the gent in the wedding dress.

  22. HelOnWheels says:

    Awww, Rudy, what’s the matter? The girls won’t give you the time of day because you’re a not-ie rather than a hottie? And, FYI, a mob of poor, hungry, uneducated French citizens are not a bunch of Alphas. That’s why they needed the power of the mob.

  23. HelOnWheels says:

    @Dru – That was my exact reaction to photo #1!!

  24. Sister Wolf says:

    drollgirl – I was thinking of the YOUNG DLR, but nah, now I think I should’ve compared him to the young Axl Rose, is that any better?

    HelOnWheels – A vacant look can be very appealing at times.

    Dru – It’s not a contest, you can have the shackles guy AND the wedding dress guy!

  25. Ignoring the wedding dress, I can, as a straight guy, imagine the attraction the short haired guy would have for women.

    But the long-haired honey? I think your latent lesbianism is kicking in..

  26. Ohbuggerjustdrooledonmykeyboardnowmyspacebardoesn’twork.

  27. HelOnWheels says:

    “But the long-haired honey? I think your latent lesbianism is kicking in” Really, @dexter? Did you think before you wrote it? I hope you’re having a laugh, joking around. Otherwise, you’re being a colossal prat.

    FYI, it is only starting in the 19th century (specifically in the prissy Victorian era) that men stopped wearing heels and equaling, if not surpassing, their female counterparts in ornamentation and plumage (lush colors and fabrics and wigs). Long hair and makeup have gone in and out of fashion for men for centuries. Men have worn “dresses” and “skirts” and tights for hundreds of years. None of it had to do with trying to attract the “latent lesbianism”, as you so daftly put it, in some women.

  28. Julia says:

    Hi! have you got any idea where you found the third picture/if it’s a campaign for some brand or something? i REALLY like that shirt!

  29. aine says:

    In the purple shirt picture he looks so much like Heath Ledger, it is slightly freaky.

  30. Dru says:

    HelOnWheels- you got it spot on. And even then, 19th-century men were still sometimes known as dandies (e.g. the legendary Beau Brummell) even when they dressed simpler.

    Besides, why deny guys the fun of wearing skirts? They’re always good for a bit of air down under, which is vital in summer.

  31. HelOnWheels says:

    @Dru – I’m right there with you in equality in dressing for all. If women can wear slacks why can’t men wear skirts? I’ve dated and am friends with men who wear sarongs during the worst heat of summer. They get weird looks, stupid comments but they don’t care since they’re more comfortable than the guys in slacks or shorts. And they know they look sexy!

  32. theresa says:

    highlight of my day. hands down.

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