All New Houseboys

I’ve tried to include Houseboys for all tastes but in fact they are all my favorites for this week. They can serve drinks and do odd jobs around the house, like fluff up your pillows.

Take your pick and have a relaxing weekend.   xo

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31 Responses to All New Houseboys

  1. I need houseboys xx

  2. skye says:

    Thank you, your munificence is gratefully received. Although my tastes run more towards big blonde space viking types, I think Houseboy #5 will do in a pinch!

  3. Sandra B says:


  4. MG says:

    I quite like the one with tattoos for some reason. Sweet Jesus, I need a damn houseboy.

  5. Cricket9 says:

    Yes, more longhairs! I dunno what it is, maybe nostalgia about hippie time when I was young or something… Nice bum on Jean-Marc, whoever he is.

  6. Lara says:

    god bless you

    I’m all over the last guy.

  7. sheri says:

    Very pretty, although I’m not a fan of a muscular man in a dress. Maybe it’s just me.

  8. Sandra B says:

    But seriously, this is like a public service or something. Thank you SW.

  9. patni says:

    I will take a fluffed pillow, and a martini please. And can I watch while you wash my dishes?
    I like bowler hat best, but he will need to take his shirt off to complete his chores.

  10. stacy says:

    Well, hello Mr. 1 and 3.

  11. mustownmore says:

    4 & 5 for me please. Will pay the plane fare to London in return for free board.

  12. Jill says:

    Once you told me that I had excellent taste in men…ditto, chica!

  13. honeypants says:

    I’ll take the one lying on the bed, thanks.

  14. Suebob says:

    I can’t choose. Can I take more than one?

  15. Andra says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!

  16. divalou says:

    Well, what can I say but *Droooooool*

  17. Ann says:

    Yes, that’ll do. All of them.

  18. Desiree says:

    Sister, you have my taste in house boys down to a tee. Perfecto. Big eyes. Dark hair. Looks good in a dress. Must give good foot massages.

  19. Deena says:

    Bagsie numbers 4 and 5! MUSTOWNMORE- I live in Brum- we could devise a rota.

  20. alittlelux says:

    keep them coming! number 4 wins this round for me….

  21. Artful Lawyer says:

    I’m oddly attracted to 4, though he’s wearing more color and accessories than I dare. But the long-haired native arty thing works…

    Kudos to the gentleman in the dress, who carries it with a masculine nonchalance that most dudes would never be able to pull off. “This dress? What of it?”

  22. Hammie says:

    I think Mr Tumnus (houseboy no.1) would cheer the place up xx

  23. Alicia says:

    PAOLO. Please and thank you. LOL

  24. Juli says:

    I’ll take the first one and the one with the hat and long hair. No need to gift wrap. Thanks Sister!

  25. patni says:

    Juli , the gift is the unwrapping

  26. Jenny says:

    I need houseboy number 4 – badly

  27. Erika says:

    Also with number 5 , especially if he gives hand and foot massage

  28. TheShoeGirl says:

    yes yes yes yes yes!

  29. I genuinely don’t understand the fashion world’s obsession of putting men in ballgowns. As if they weren’t confused enough.

  30. Awwwww yeah! Thanks for the eye candy SW!!

  31. ali says:

    these houseboys are really good.

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