Guys Can Be Girly

At times, it suits them, don’t you think?

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27 Responses to Guys Can Be Girly

  1. dexter vandango says:

    Wow! You really are in a sadistic mood this week..

    Be that as it may, someone once noted that every masculine sex symbol has something feminine about him, and every feminine something masculine. Think of Elvis in a wig and you’ve got Lisa Marie. Or George Clooney or Brad P. And Greta G and Marlane D both wore men’s clothes.

    Are the recent photos of Chastity B an antidote to these you’ve posted? We often hear Viv’ la differance.. but some things are just too differance..

  2. Nadia says:

    Hold on a second, at first I thought you were serious (only because I find feminine looking guys attractive) then I read the first comment, and now I can’t tell if you are or not, haha!

    When my boyfriend and I first started seeing each other, this was a few years ago so he was obviously younger and looked a lot more fem than he does now, we used to get shit like “WHICH ONE’S THE GIRL?!?!” and “lesbians” yelled at us a bit. Anyway, yes, I think it does suit them!

  3. All I could think was how wrong the shoes were on the first guy. I felt the setting lent more toward wedges with ribbon tie ups or ballet flats with ribbon tie ups. The stiletto is too obvious.

  4. kate says:

    Joe Dallesandro couldn’t have been feminine if he had the best sex change op Brazil had to offer! The reason the pics you show “work” is that these guys are all hyper-masculine with one feminine detail. I prefer really super sissy guys–not that whole “metro” thing of eight years ago, but a nice, unmuscled pretty boy fairy: now that takes balls.

  5. David Duff says:

    ‘No’ is the word I’m struggling for!

  6. alittlelux says:

    the guy in the last pic is quite yummy…

  7. queenzelda says:

    yes i think so. Like that film.. was it velvet underground or velvet revolver or something..

  8. Braindance says:

    The second guy looks like he is wearing a pair of Black Milk wet looks
    So wrong, yet kinda right.

    You forgot the poster boy for this look, Prince in the 80s

  9. Ann says:

    Mmmm, the second pic is so reminiscent of Tim Curry in Rocky Horror. Confession time: I’ve always had a huge crush on circa mid-70’s Tim Curry for that reason.

  10. Joy D. says:

    I think so too. Unless you are being sarcastic. In which case I will argue that gender norms should be set on fire.

  11. mutterhals says:

    No, but I’m not latently homosexual like most of the women here.

  12. Jenny Dunville says:

    Well you certainly got my attention with that one! And yes, it does.

  13. Dru says:

    Nice legs, Bapiste.

  14. Mary says:

    No, I don’t like it.

  15. Bessie the Buddha cow says:

    The last guy is totally yummy! But that outfit has got to go! He should be in black lace, me thinks.
    nutterbals, why do you type things you don’t know anything about? And generalizations at that?
    Oh, don’t bother answering. I’m sure I really don’t want to hear anything you have to say . . .

  16. HelOnWheels says:

    Love it when men break gender role rules. I’ve always had a thing for “boys in mascara/eyeliner”.

    And I’m getting really fed up with Mutterhals’ contempt for the commenters here.

  17. patni says:

    joe dallesandro is always dream boat +

  18. WCGB says:

    Yes, and vice versa. I rock the classic “Harriet the Spy” style.

  19. I so loved Eddie Izzard when he dressed like a lady. Now that he has the facial hair and the suit I am not loving him as much.

  20. Love the Brothers Grim photo – great movement and tones.

  21. Sister Wolf says:

    Dexter – No need to feel threatened. These guys are hot but guys in mens’ clothes are sometimes hot, too.

    Nadia – I AM serious!!!! Deadly serious! I think maybe you posted a photo of your boyfriend and I loved him….Long hair, mad fashion sense?

    Make DO – Well, blame Karl on that, it was his choice after all.

    Kate – Yep, agree on all points.


    alittlelux – That’s Joe Dallesandro. MMMMMMMMMMM. I’m his friend on FB!

    queenzelda – I couldn’t stay awake through that film but I remember there was a make-up tie-in and I bought the eye pencil.

    Braindance – Oh yeah, and remember the garter belt on Dirty Mind? Loved it.

    Ann – You should get Tim Curry for Christmas! IS it too late??

    Joy D – NOT sarcastic!!!!! Where’s the ambiguity? It’s all yummy!

    Jenny Dunville – Yay!

    Dru – You just made me scroll up to look…

    Mary – Good, more for the rest of us.

    Bessie – I only we could dress him in black lace.

    HelOnWheels – Think of it as a flea or other parasite that will move on.

    patni – YES, a fucking god. Thank you for ‘dream boat’, I love that.

    WCGB – Both good, you’re right.

    La Belette Rouge – Same here. At l esata we can watch the old DVD’s.

    Artful – It’s from a set of photos…I’ll find the others for you.

  22. Alicia says:

    Can I be crass and just say “I’d hit” re: #1?

    I love that third picture. The composition and movement are wonderful.

  23. annemarie says:

    They’re a bit too pretty for me. I’ve always been drawn to dudes that were attractive but somewhat ugly at the same time. The reason is simple: ugly men worship beautiful women, whereas beautiful men are way too aloof for that sort of thing. I’ve been with just one really hot man, and he was TERRIBLE in bed– lazy, all about the cock, and he had his eyes closed the whole time. An ugly man would never do that.

  24. Angie says:

    Alicia don’t worry about being crass! I’d hit it with number 2 🙂

  25. hammie says:

    no. never. xx

  26. Sheri says:

    It almost works on Guy #4. The rest are creeping me out. Shudder.

  27. sketch42 says:

    #1 looks like nate archibald. I think its hot.

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