All New Houseboys

This is Dimitri Alexandrou.   Some of you prefer more rugged, masculine houseboys, so help yourself to the new candidates.

Here’s a hunk of tattooed burning love. Don’t know his name, don’t care. He’ll need to keep his hands off my earrings.

Sylvain Norget looks like he means business.   I can imagine him with a vacuum cleaner. I like it.

Daniel is a model and not really my type. But when I look into his eyes, I see him serving drinks and fluffing pillows.

What about this guy? Long hair to play with but enough manly pride to fold laundry with  military  precision.

Shah Rukh Khan is an Indian movie star ( I think) but I would like to see him lounging around after washing my hair.

I can’t resist a man in a dress. This may actually be my ideal houseboy. He doesn’t look judgemental: a plus!

Houseboy Sasha Marini is kind of sickening on the one hand, yet one might enjoy a scuffle with him as you try to get him to shave. I don’t know. Your call.

Now we’re talking. Francis Lane is the exact combination of youth and androgynous beauty that my house needs. I’d like to see him wearing  embroidered  satin slippers as he sweeps away the dog hair. I would even get him a feather duster!

Let me know if you found anything you like.

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40 Responses to All New Houseboys

  1. Sam says:

    Have number three washed and sent to my tent.

  2. Tanya says:

    That Francis Lane has the most beautiful bone structure I have ever seen. I imagine that Donatella Versace’s home is animated by young, beautiful, feather-dusting flesh through and through. Give Madonna ten more years (?) before her houseboy collection begins to really rival that of Donatella’s.

  3. Sista Coyote says:

    Do you have any delectable men of color (i.e. black men) on your menu? I’ll pass up this buffet today. I see you’re offering vegan options and I need some meat and macaroni and cheese.

  4. Susan says:

    The first houseboy looks too fucking Ashton Kutcher for my taste but the last one looks barely legal– veddy nice.

  5. Silke says:

    #3, 5 & 6… is there a home delivery option? Lovely choices Sister Wolf!!

  6. honeypants says:

    Oh yes, Francis Lane is the winner here. And that Devendra Banhart clone needs to be hung from the rafters by his stupid beard!

  7. patni says:

    Shah rukh Khan is not a movie star, he is THE movie star! pretty much anywhere except the US he has to be the most visible male beefcake in the world. He has been my imaginary house boy for many many years.

  8. patni says:

    1, 2, 4, 5 and the last one. I am not into beard boy, but i would like to hold him down and shave him.

  9. MizLottie says:

    Dimitri in a sarong. It would be a treat to see the reaction of the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses when they ring my door. And he looks like he can give a good foot rub.

  10. Sister Wolf says:

    ali – Yes! that’s Wili something, a popular model. I’m not sure about him but I’ve seen his high school yearbook picture and there he is a perfect angel!

  11. Jeanne says:

    Added plus for #3 Sylvain Norget…he’s a porn actor & swings both ways.

  12. alittlelux says:

    oooooh! this is by far my favorite batch! well done! i will take them all…except sasha.

  13. Elaine says:

    Sorry to interrupt the new crop of houseboys but good god…

  14. Jill says:

    Dmitri please!

  15. TheShoeGirl says:

    I feel a heat for that first guy deep in my loins. Thank you Sister.

  16. Number 5 please. The bone structure is killing me! I’d say number 7 as well but he might want to “borrow” some things from me that he will ruin.

  17. Cricket9 says:

    Long hair and military precision folding laundry – yes, that’s EXACTLY what I need. Bone structure is a bonus. Francis is beautiful, but looks too much like my nephew, have to pass. Thanks, SW!

  18. Sil says:

    Do you deliver to Spain? then please note I am interested in Dimitri and number 5… Express delivery, please. Thank you very much.

  19. Jenny says:

    I don’t want to be greedy, but I’ll take Dimitri and no 5 please!

  20. Hammie says:

    Shah Rukh is my second favourite Bollywood star and he was in Khubi Khushi Khubi Gham – my favourite Bollywood epic. I cannot imagine he would know how to live without servants, let alone be a servant himself! xx

  21. Sandra B says:

    I think I would enjoy playing cowboys and indians with Longhair #2. I don’t have to be politically correct in my own house.

  22. annemarie says:

    i don’t usually understand the Houseboy stuff, but something happened in my loins when I saw Sasha Marini. He looks like a Centaur with that long beard. All I can think about is being overpowered by him and carried away to some mythological place where we can have sex all day and cast spells on people we don’t like.

  23. Dru says:

    Oh, I got Shah Rukh Khan’s autograph once! It was around fifteen years ago and long since lost, but still, I had it once. The man is kind of enervating to watch, but super nice (he’s also kind of short, I’d guess around 5’7″).

    Hammie – whoa, you liked that movie? It’s like 4 hours long and feels like 12, I remember falling asleep about 2 and a bit hours in.

  24. Jeanne says:

    @Dru & Hammie – My fav bollywood film too. I think I’ve watched the Bole Chudiyan segmant on YTube about a 100 times!

  25. Cricket9 says:

    I’m thinking you may want to know this:

  26. Andra says:

    OK Sis. Give ’em back their boy toys.

  27. Ann says:

    All of them, yes please, but I must say Shah Rukh Khan and # 7 are the ones for me. I want to play couture dress up with #7. Damn you woman, you know I cannot resist a man in ladies’ clothing.

  28. dexter vandango says:

    Are these the male equivalent of pole dancers..?

  29. red paeony says:

    Fuck yeah!!!

  30. Mia says:

    MMMMM Francis. Come & cook for me naked.

  31. james says:


  32. tartandtreacly says:

    Hmm…number 5 for room service, please!

    I want a post of hawtness in glasses, all nationalities welcome. Seriously I can’t be the ONLY one with this fetish.

    Boys may not make passes at girls who wear glasses (per Dotty Parker), but I certainly make passes at cute boys who wear glasses!

  33. mary says:


  34. Madison says:

    Damn, I´m in love with Nr. 5, long hair and pride, what a cutie :-))))

  35. Danno says:

    Number 5. No question about it.
    No.1 looks a little on the rapey side. If that’s your thing.

  36. urbain says:

    about Shah Rukh Khan, you must see Devdas, a flamboyant bollywood movie:

  37. Monica says:

    I’m thinking the John RedCorn look-alike is enough to blow some dust of thee equipment.

  38. Monica says:

    *The*, not Thee; was talking about my own equipment, not taking the liberty to refer to yours.

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