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Pigs in Politics

Just look at these pigs guys!   The question is, did their right-wing politics turn them into pigs, or did their pigfaces drive them to right-wing politics? (Click on the picture for the full horror.) This Pigfest was designed by Max, … Continue reading

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My Fat Ass!

I was very pleased to hear that poor Megan McCain told that bitch Laura Ingraham to kiss her fat ass! I thought about it as I trudged through a shitload of ‘Obey’ products on Karmaloop while checking our the new … Continue reading

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Crazy Mothers Club, Part 2

Everyone knew that the woman who just had octuplets was crazy, but who knew she’d be crazy and arrogant? Watching a preview of her interview on NBC, at first I was more horrified by her face than her words. What … Continue reading

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Flo and Kay: A Fascinating Documentary

Flo and Kay are autistic twins who are also savants: They can calculate calendar dates and they remember everything. They enjoy music and they worship Dick Clark like a deity, literally. They are sometimes called “The Rainman Twins,” which is … Continue reading

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No Luck for Levi Johnston

Ever since he knocked up his girlfriend, nothing has gone right for poor Levi. One minute a rakish Wasilla heartthrob, the next minute a hostage at the RNC with no hope of freedom, ever. Now he’s lost his job after … Continue reading

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Bad Sex in Literature Award

Britain’s Literary Review has announced the winner of its annual Bad Sex in Literature award. Rachel Johnson won for a passage in her satirical novel “Shire Hell,” and John Updike won a Lifetime Achievement award for his many contributions over … Continue reading

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Come Out, Come Out!

Wanda Sykes, one of my favorite comedians, came out yesterday as a result of Prop. 8. I salute her and can only imagine the courage it took as a Black entertainer to identify herself as gay. I’ve been counting on … Continue reading

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Let’s Hear it for Gutsy Gals

We can’t be through with Mrs. Palin until she gives us a little breathing room. I’m hopin’ that god will show her one of those doors she’s waitin’ for. She’ll snowplow her way through and then, oops, fall off a … Continue reading

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Jesus loves Gay Marriage

I am happy to announce PAP Smear’s new adoption program. We will start off with Mark’s generous offer to adopt WIllow and Piper Palin. This is a true blessing for these girls, who will be raised in Connecticut by two … Continue reading

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Can’t Mrs. P Just Shut Up?

I know it’s not just me, because I went to a dinner where everyone was shouting across the table about Sarah Palin. I am now feeling resentful toward CBS, which keeps dribbling out more pieces of Katie Couric’s interview with … Continue reading

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