Flo and Kay: A Fascinating Documentary

Flo and Kay are autistic twins who are also savants: They can calculate calendar dates and they remember everything. They enjoy music and they worship Dick Clark like a deity, literally. They are sometimes called “The Rainman Twins,” which is unfortunate, since they are not movie characters. Their lives have been fraught with tragedy, but they are unusually happy and resilient.

Watching the documentary about Flo and Kay, I fell in love with them. I can’t even imagine anyone feeling differently.

My response at the end of the documentary was, Why doesn’t Dick Clark hook them up with some money, so they can afford better care? He has met the twins, and knows that they consider him their personal Savior. What’s a million dollars to Dick Clark?!?

What a fucking cunt.

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23 Responses to Flo and Kay: A Fascinating Documentary

  1. hammie says:

    oh thank god you managed to get the c-word into a post about autistic savants! Will watch and then focus my superpowers on Dick Clark.

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    hammie, I love you for noting that, I was proud of myself too.

  3. Mark says:

    He is a fucking cunt.

  4. Mark says:

    …but I’m glad he’s allowed Flo and Kay access to himself. I love Flo and Kay. I’m a little choked up. Thanks for linking this documentary.

  5. Carr says:

    That was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  6. Raine Valentin says:

    OMG I was sitting on the edge of my bed flipping through channels when I saw the documentary on them. I to had fallen inlove after watching that and I coudlnt stop smiling and I’m still mad at how people treat other’s just because they’re different. I would LOVE to meet Flo and Kay they are soooooo adorable. And Dickhead oops i mieant Dick Clark should deffinately hook them up with some money. I absolutely HATE Flo and Kay’s brothers WIFE she looks like a bitch. and says Flo and Kay are “to much to handle” pshhhh whatever stuck-up betch. I LOVE FLO AND KAY

  7. Whatever. says:

    No offense, but why is this Dick Clark’s burden? If you care so deeply about these two why not start a fundraiser to raise some money instead of calling a stroke victim (with his own problems) a “cunt.”

    Honestly, grow up a little. šŸ™‚

  8. Brooke says:

    I just finished watching the doc on the twins, I instantly googled them. They have such a heart-warming story. It’s sad to see some of you focusing on something negative such as this money issue. I think everyone should only take positive things from their story, it’s truly inspirational at how they have overcome so much!

  9. Alma says:

    Watched this documentary and thought about God’s amazing power. These girls although wrought with tragedy, continue to survive the cruelty of the human race. Flo and Kay have each other in their own world where they don’t compete with each other but rather give meaning to the word twins.

  10. Susan says:

    Watched this documentary and had tears in my eyes. How truly amazing these two women are … how wonderful that the sister and her family took care of them!!!!!

    What an inspiration!!!!

  11. ralph says:

    I’d like to date the twins and maybe make super babies

    Imagine the power in numbers, muhahahha

  12. Diane says:

    I really enjoyed the twins. I don’t think it is Dick Clark’s responsibility. I think it is Dave’s responsibility to make things better for the twins. If he can arrange for these women to meet Dick Clark, then he can do more.
    Dave should arrange for the twins to go on game shows because they are good at trivia and make some money. The best game show of all is “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” with Wayne Brady as host. I can see the twins really cleaning up on that show.

    I don’t know about Jeopardy, the questions might be too hard. Idon’t recommend shows like Wammy because the twins might get upset with things like feathers, popcorn and pizza dough descending on them. I also think racing through the board saying “No Wammy No Wammy while hoping to stop on a prize or even get “another turn” might be too much pressure for the twins.

  13. yackie says:

    The really cool thing is that the twins never thought about his money. If that’s all they cared about, it would have shown. We should all take a lesson there

  14. Kimberly says:

    I agree that it is NOT Dick Clark’s responsibility to take care of the twins. It is obvious that he is touched by them and it is disgusting these days that everybody thinks people are owed something by the government (tax payers’ money), celebrities or people in a higher tax bracket. That is exactly what has changed drastically in the USA in the last couple of decades. I would love to see updates on Kay and Flo, too. I agree with a comment by yackie, the girls don’t care about money. The disrespectful person calling Mr. Clark a bad name is scary.

  15. JulietSeymour says:

    I turned on the television and flipped though and I saw that the program had just started. I fell in love with the girls in the first few minutes. They are such sweet, genuine people. I can’t stand Adrienne. Dave was so wonderful though. [:

  16. 1234phyllisp says:

    I just saw the doc. on the twins. What a wonderful story. The fact that they remain upbeat about life after all they’ve been through is amazing. I also think Dave is an incredible human being. He’s done beautiful things for Flo and Kay. The big concern I had was how they will cope if one or the other has serious health problems (including death). These lovely ladies depend so much on each other and the routines they have in place, I don’t know what they would do in those circumstances.

  17. Jeeny says:

    If you love them so much why don’t you offer to take them in, and do something great in your life, instead of writing all this wasteless shit…

    Just a thought…

    BTW Dick Clark was gravely ill during the filming of this documentary… he asked the twins to tell the world, when he met with them in private, that he was fine… How do you know he didn’t leave them “something?”

    Because I am a family member of one of the parties involved, I can only tell you_ Check your facts, “cunt.” before writing about anyone’s relatives…

  18. excellent write up here, I couldnt have said it any better myself and I’m pretty good at writing lol

  19. cardy uggs says:

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  20. meso.:oP says:

    I just want to say how uplifted I felt watching the doc.
    Flo & Kay are amazing….hell, they know it and love it. I have a cousin who is autistic and I think he is so wonderful.
    I warned my husband when we talked about kids that I would never do any test while pregnant that could injure our baby because no mater what happens they are our babies and I wouldn’t want anything else.
    Now all the comments about Dick Clark having to pay anything, I think those people should go look in the mirror and give them selves a slap for being a bloody idiot. To me, I see two ladies don’t need money, they need love, a routine and Dick Clark and they will be the happiest people in the world.
    The fact that people get on line and make idiotic remarks about things they have no idea about is pathetic…Yes you Sister Wolf! You are bloody pathetic!

  21. I used to love reading your blog, but lately it’s been a little boring. I’ll still read it though =)

  22. Amy Small says:

    I would agree that it is easy to fall in love with these twins and I’m sure that Dick Clark feels the same way too, but to pass judgement on for “not providing care” and hooking them up with money, is so unfair. Regardless of the fact that he had a stroke and is still suffering from the reprocessions, it’s absolutely not his responsibility to provide care for two women who are (innocently of course) obsessed with him. Also, I would agree with the person that mentioned “how do we not that he has not already helped them?” Geez, he met them twice, and brought them into his home. Both Dave Wagner and Dick Clark have done what they are comfortable with. There’s no need to compare them, or pass judgement Dick Clark for “not helping” these people and it’s not his responsibility to take on this burden. Let the man enjoy his life and focus on his own family and his own health.

  23. Margaret Allen says:

    Ah, excuse me, everybody, but didn’t Dick Clark have a severe stroke many years ago, leaving him severely speech disabled? Why the hell is this his problem? I think he did enough.

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