I Heart Penis Jewelry

I wasn’t planning on writing about penis jewelry today, but who am I to defy destiny after coming upon this amazing penis bracelet? I swear I wasn’t looking for penis jewelry. I just got on a mailing list for a luxury shopping site called 1st dibs, so I clicked on jewelry…

An amusing bracelet and ring by Jean Mahie. The 18k yellow gold bracelet and ring with French hallmarks and makers mark for Jean Mahie. The link bracelet made up of stylized “male parts” the ring a bent figure. Mahies work is often subtly erotic in nature. This is a great set- almost an inside joke for the wearer. The piece has a wonderful mellow patina. Very fun and wearable. Price: $4,200

I agree that it’s amusing, but “an inside joke for the wearer?” I guess if you didn’t like penises and you were wearing it, that would be a little joke with yourself. Personally, I love this set and the price is just right.

While I’m on penises yet again, take a look at this photo of Gaultier and tell me if you see what I see.

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10 Responses to I Heart Penis Jewelry

  1. Jools says:

    wtf. Where are the earrings?

  2. WendyB says:

    People are always hitting my site looking for penis jewelry. Now I know where to send them.

  3. Bex says:

    Oh! When I looked at the blog title, I thought it was about jewelery for the penis! My bad.

    Um, he looks like a prick? ionno.

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Jools – Ha, good question!

    WendyB – I remember you saying this before. Why not make some gold penis pendants?!

    Bex – I think I’ve gone mental. I may be the only one who sees what I see.

  5. hammiesays says:

    the scale confused me too, I thought it was a cock ring and bracelet.
    Wendyb: you are missing a market. Sis: browser too small for eyes. Is guiltier dressing to the right?

  6. Sister Wolf says:


  7. gold penises and blonde ‘fros, what more does a post need?

  8. Bex says:

    Sister Wolf: Hahaha you ARE going mental..you’re seeing penises everywhere!

  9. Stella Mayfair says:

    didn’t dame viv westwood do a penis necklace some seasons ago…?

  10. GG says:

    Or one could put the $4k+ into obviously-needed therapy… Shouldn’t the elements be larger?

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