Crazy Mothers Club, Part 2

Everyone knew that the woman who just had octuplets was crazy, but who knew she’d be crazy and arrogant?

Watching a preview of her interview on NBC, at first I was more horrified by her face than her words. What the hell did Nadya Suleman do to her face, and why isn’t anyone mentioning it?!   She has clearly had a terrible nose-job, leaving her with a tiny miniature of a nose that wouldn’t fool Helen Keller. Then, the inflated lips! What a mess. Perhaps she is going for an Angelina Jolie look, but as in her quest for babies, she is tragically deluded.

As far as I can tell, this woman has a pathological compulsion to acquire children, much like some disturbed people hoard animals. An animal hoarder is a person who amasses more animals than he/she can properly care for.” Oops! If you substitute babies for animals, the disorder fits her behavior perfectly.

Women who use their children to gratify their own narcissistic needs are discussed at length in Alice Miller’s landmark book, The Drama of the Gifted Child. If you haven’t read it, let me say that it’s often cited as “a book that changed my life.” It’s a book that is pressed upon others as essential reading. If you grew up feeling worthless, if you still struggle to be your ‘real’ self, if you worry that you might screw up your own children, this book will be a transformative experience.

Today I was thinking about childhood, and I recalled my mom screaming theatrically, “Why did god curse me with a child like you?” I remember how sad I felt, and how I wished I knew the answer to her question.

Now I know that what my mother meant was, I can’t control my anger and I can’t deal with the needs of a child.

I have lost my temper with my own kids more times than I want to remember. I hope and pray that I haven’t screwed them up too much. At least I won’t have traumatized them with a face that looks like a duck.

Again, if your mother was/is crazy, this club is for you! Feel free to speak up.

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16 Responses to Crazy Mothers Club, Part 2

  1. Bex says:

    Wonder what her before picture looked like. And how can she afford plastic surgery with a fucking bajillion kids? Selfish bitch.

  2. annemarie says:

    Jesus, she reminds me of Angelina Jolie, and I don’t just mean her face. I mean the fact that she is unhinged. I know that this is a controversial thing to say about St Angelina.

    But I just think it’s very very fucked up that a person like me, who doesn’t even buy those tabloid magazines, knows the names and faces of all six of her children. Shouldn’t kids have privacy and and be raised feeling safe and free and away from the public glare?

    I don’t know what Johnny Depp’s children look like or what their names are. Mia Farrow had lots of kids too. Nobody knew anything about them until Woody Allen ran off with Soon Yi.

    Why does she keep popping them out and selling their pictures? Why does she keep talking about retiring but continues to star in movies? WHY DOES SHE WANT EVERYONE TO LOOK AT HER?

    Anyway, that’s another story. But Nadya Suleman is fucked up too and looks like Angelina Jolie. And that is strange.

  3. arline says:

    I could not get through 15 seconds of the interview.

    Why did the doctor let this happen.

    I can’t even talk about this, it is making me sick and I keep making


  4. K-Line says:

    I can’t watch the interview. I have too many judgments of a system and a woman who would go through that kind of risk for 8 children on top of 6 that already exist. What if the 8 children – who didn’t ask to be born under these circumstances and to someone with so few means, relatively speaking – have lifelong health concerns? Who will have the time to care for them as they need care? Who will have the funds? I don’t know what’s going on here but I do know that 1 child taxes me to the limit of my abilities. 14 is sheer insanity. Literally.

  5. HelOnWheels says:

    I couldn’t watch the interview. My disgust for this woman is so deep that I lose the ability to think and speak rationally. I called for mandatory sterilization of this nut-job (I too compared her to an animal hoarder!) and the removal of all her children to sane, caring, loving, childless parents. She shouldn’t be allowed to screw up these poor children nor to have any more. And she certainly should be denied public aid! She has no right having children that she can’t afford to support and nobody else should have to pay for her offspring.

  6. How funny my opening line is I couldn’t bring myself to watch the clip either. I agree with everything Anne Marie says – both of them are f***** up (I’m not technically swearing currently).

  7. Juri says:

    She reminds me of the young punk/squatter/whatever-she-was beggar girl I saw in Berlin last July. Every day, she would spread her blanket and her 6-8 puppies on the sidewalk, along with the dog who had given birth to them, and expect the tourists and other passers-by to reward her for her accomplishment: “Look, I could work for a living but I have a dog that can make puppies so I rather sit here on the sidewalk and live off your handouts.”

    After a couple of days I seriously felt an urge to kick her in the head and tell her to get up and stop using the innocent puppies as a means of begging.

    I haven’t watched the interview because I’m afraid that hearing that trout-mouthed woman speak about her “puppies” would force me to deal with another set of violent impulses. And I’m not a violent person so I’d rather avoid the exercise.

    Does the Octopussy have a plan that goes beyond giving birth to the puppies? Now that she has fulfilled that part of her dream, how is she going to support them?

    As for crazy mothers, one of my mommy dearest’s favourite slogans during my teens was “I should have gotten that abortion.” At least she can now look at Ms. Suleman and say “thank God I only had one Juri to deal with.”

    Good luck with your octuplets, fishface!

  8. hammiesays says:

    sorry, but isn’t Oprah and Hello magazine going to help her raise those 8 babies that some completely corrupt doctor in a fertilty clinic implanted?

    Maybe she wanted to be like Apu in the Simpsons – maybe Ganesha will use her 8 arms to help her raise those babies?


  9. honeypants says:

    I watched the clip, and she is clearly delusional. Is she going to get a school bus to drive them around? Does she think her family and friends really want to help that much? I suppose she expects that they will babysit for her while she goes back to school to get her Master’s in counseling? And should SHE of all people really be in a position to tell other people how to live their lives? That’s like Elizabeth Taylor, Marriage Counselor.

    And that minuscule nose with those awful beaky lips… It’s a pathetic Angelina ripoff. Is she actually trying to out-Angelina her? More babies! Smaller nose! Bigger lips!

  10. Deni says:

    OMG. I actually went to “that” clinic when I was trying to get pregnant with a second child at age 40. The receptionist called me one night at home and told me that the doctor was unscrupulous, “don’t trust him” she said over and over. She quit the clinic. I wish I had kept notes on all the details but one was that the new embryologist, at the time, had never worked in a fertility clinic, but all his experience was fertilizing cattle. She told me that he videoed my procedure and used it in a lecture (w/o my permission).
    Well, I can see how this doctor’s only concern was keeping his numbers of live pregnancies high; however, at the time his policy was to only use two eggs per session, so I don’t know what happened? Anyway, didn’t anyone hear the word “reduction?” Eight infants, single, six other children, and resentful grandparents? She does have some type of disorder, something like Munchausen by proxy syndrome; perhaps not abusing her children outright for attention, but isn’t having more than you can afford to have financially, emotionally, and physically (as in being able to care for them) intentional abuse?
    I just wish her children well and that fertility doctors/clinics have more supervision/regulations.

  11. ^^ Deni that is a terrifying story. i wonder if anyone has reported them to the state medical board, but now they should be under investigation. that doctor should lose his license.

  12. annemarie says:

    No shit, Deni. You could cause quite a stink with a story like that. I bet the tabs would be all over it. That doctor should be held accountable in some way. The woman has lost her marbles.

  13. JK says:

    Ah Sister Wolf?

    I’ve responded to your observation (but I consider ill form to reveal it here) and I would ask, please don’t reveal to your husband what I typed.

    I’m crippled you realize. I apologize for not being more timely.

  14. Sister Wolf says:

    Bex -That’s my question, too.

    annemarie – I just ‘heard’ that the tabloids are going to run with the obsessed with Angie story!

    arline – I couldn’t take it either. I only heard around 45 seconds of it.

    K-line – Exactly!

    HelOnWHeels – Well, now we know she gets food stamps, etc etc. Horrible.

    Make Do – Oh, should I swear twice as much, since you’ve given it up??

    Juri -Hahahahahahahaha! If ONLY you could say that to her!

    Hammie – I’ll bet Oprah is totally disgusted.

    Honeypants – You’re right! What will Angelina do now to get the upper hand?!?!?!

    Deni – Shit, you should call the Enquirer tip line and offer this story. Thank god you escaped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fashion herald – He should definitely lose his license. If he has one.

    JK – You’re not allowed to be crippled, by the way. You are Disabled, perhaps.

  15. JK says:

    You’re correct about that point Sister Wolf. I’m not crippled.

    To tell the truth about the way “I” feel – I had an Uncle shot through the spine about a month before Germany’s surrender during WWII. He managed a 30 year career after that.

    He and my Dad played a card game called “Rook.” It diesn’t matter now, Uncle Thurmans’ long dead, but he always, always managed to convince my own Dad that the salt that Uncle Thurman was always asking my Dad to shake on his can (some of us can remember pre-lift tabs)

    Anyway, I was short enoigh to fit under a table. I’d guess I ws about four or five, unless anyone goes to the extent people nowadays go to, all my Uncle Thurman was asking for was how many red cards Dad had in his hand.

    I didn’t get to drain a Shlitz, I just got to lick the salt off a guy’s beer that deserved any damn thing he wanted.

    No. I never drained salt off of any man Sister. However you posed something to me on another site – since I sent you an email, you sorta know me, fuck it – I’ll salt anyone.

  16. yackie says:

    Everyday I take care of 14 grown men. Just the basic stuff, cooking, cleaning, laundry and a little bit of social time. I don’t have to wipe butts or spoon feed them but at the end of the day I am thoroughly exhausted and these guys are mostly self care. I say this woman will be a tired old hag one day if not already and she needs the face repairs to cover her total exhaustion.

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