The only thing better than a Christian evangelist is a delusional Christian evangelist who sees 666 everywhere. My friend Tony led me to the Jesus is Savior website, where a nutcase called Texe Marrs reveals the hidden satanic imagery in so-called innocent corporations like Lucent, Microsoft, Apple, Proctor & Gamble and of course Disneyland.

Nothing new there; we all know those companies work for the devil. But did you know that Helen Keller was a Satanist too? Me neither! But she was cleverly throwing a holla to Satan when she devised the sign language for I Love You. Not just Helen, but Bill Clinton, too. Shit, there goes my whole fantasy about a ‘special’ day with Bill Clinton and Sasha Baron Cohen. Sasha and I will have to go it alone.

Everywhere you look, the devil-worshippers are at it, tricking god-fearing citizens into buying their filthy products or voting for them, or just tempting people into making films about them starring Patty Duke. They are continuously foisting their evil agenda upon us, even as we use Adobe photoshop (Adobe = Prince of Darkness)

I’m not sure I feel good about the name “Texe Marrs.” What kind of name is that, anyway? Is it an anagram for RAT REM SEX, which is a disgusting perversion involving rats dreaming about sex or vice-versa? It makes me sick, that’s all I know. Let’s keep an eye on that bastard. But not the all-seeing CBS eye, because duh, that place is run by pagan philistines, like the Pope.

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5 Responses to 666

  1. lucifer says:

    first of all, as the eternal lord of darkness, i would like to denounce any relationship to walt disney. i can’t stand walt disney. if you think that’s evil, wait a couple of years. trust me. i’ll be seeing all of you real soon. especially mr. marrs, who will be receiving a rather angry e-mail in the next couple of minutes.

    nigress, good reporting. and remember, if you ever change your mind
    the offer is on the table.

    we need all the souls we can get.

  2. elena says:

    hey, he has bush’s number (666) that’s all i needed to see, i’m on board!


  3. AOG AOG says:

    The choice is yours repent and turn to the LORD God almighty before is too late!

  4. Jenny says:

    Many things on Jesus-is-Savior.Com are not correct. Very few things are. Homosexuality and Witchcraft are evil. Adultery is evil. DCSF is not evil nor are they monsters. Billy Grahm is not a homosexual. Spreading false reports is evil. President Bush has nothing to do with that pagan worship.

  5. Jenny says:

    The pagan worship that goes on in Bomens Grove(Sorry if I spelled it incorrectly) but it is something-or-other Grove.

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