Amy Winehouse vs Kanye West


My first thought upon hearing that Amy Winehouse was nominated for several key Grammy awards was “Yay!” My second thought was “Oh no, Kanye West will win, because of his Mama!”

No one could be more upset than I was about Kanye’s poor Mama. What a terrible tragedy! That bastard who botched her surgery should be sent to prison for allowing this to happen. Oprah should apologize to the world for featuring the doctor on one of her shows. She can deny all responsibility but she knows that she screwed up. She’s probably too busy apologizing   for her poorly run school in South Africa, or campaigning for Obama.

I can’t begin to imagine how Kanye feels, losing his Mama. He is obviously devastated. But still, it’s not fair to Amy if people take this into account when giving out Grammys. Amy herself is a good candidate for the sympathy vote, but since she’s viewed as a parody of self-destructive behavior, people seem increasingly hostile toward her. Personally, I just want her to go on living. As I’ve said many times,   she is a goddess and I love her more than words can say.

I think the best way to conduct a fair Grammy situation is to give an award for Best Dead Mama. It would be a wonderful tribute to Donda West, and there could be a montage of her and Kanye through the years. Kanye could accept the award and join the audience in a cathartic fit of weeping, leading right into the commercial break.

Then and only then, there would be a fair contest for record of the year and album of the year. Nothing has or will come close to Amy Winehouse as a compelling and distinctive new force in pop music. Amy Amy Amy, may the world enfold you in its loving arms and lift you up and away from that awful little  scumbag you married!

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