Art Helps

I don’t know where I’d be without it.   I found this here.

And you can still find me here.

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6 Responses to Art Helps

  1. Consuela says:

    I agree.. art is everything. And this picture is great!!

  2. Cat says:

    It is not happiness but misfortune that needs to be transmuted into beauty.

    Jorge Luis Borges

    I often think of this when contemplating art…. I find it very true and somehow comforting. The original quote is in Spanish of course, this is just my version of a translation.

    I am loving the images in your tumblr <3

  3. sharnek says:

    I like the use of art in your blog. Your writing is eloquent; your use of imagery just as moving.

    Thank you for being here.


  4. Ann says:

    This piece is beautiful and so is your tumblr. Love you xxoo

  5. candy says:

    thank you SW, this is beautiful!

  6. Brad says:

    would you please add a link to your tumblr in your ‘pages’ section in the top right corner of your website? i’m curious to know what you’re adding but it’s time consuming to find (i can’t start bookmarking tumblr pages – it will never end) x

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