Bad Taste Alert

Jesus. Ugh.

“Exclusive tribute tee to Alexander McQueen; crew neck tee reading “Fashion Is Suicide” on front and “Fashion Is Not Suicide, R.I.P. A. McQueen” on back; 100% cotton.”

By Dimepiece Designs.   $42 at Karmaloop

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33 Responses to Bad Taste Alert

  1. Dru says:

    Even the model looks disgusted. UGH indeed!

  2. Stuti says:

    Is it just me or is this in extremely bad taste? Karmaloo, are you mocking McQueen?

  3. Angelica says:

    If you hadn’t already nominated the Cunt of the Week, whoever designed these shirts would be it.

  4. Helen says:

    Really classy to be ripping off somebody’s death.
    Somebody I know bought this which seems to have gone into production the second the news about the death broke:
    Extremely bad taste.

    And if somebody desperately feels the need to express their grief over McQueen though a t-shirt (god knows the world is full of people who define themselves with printed t-shirts) one would think they would and could DIY a shirt rather than spend over 40 dollars on some extremely tacky, probably sweatshop-produced t-shirt.

  5. Ellie says:

    This is so bad it has forced to me to stop lurking and pass judgement on it.

  6. Pudfish says:

    Mmm, tasteful

  7. Ann says:

    Speechless and disgusted.

  8. Suspended says:

    This could only be in poorer taste if it came with a free death mask and a picture of his Mum on a keyring.

    The misuse of the word ‘tribute’ in this context really irks me. Nothing about this tacky piece of shit is an acknowledgment of gratitude, respect, or admiration for the talent that was McQueen.

    I thought the fridge magnets on Ebay were as low as people could go. I was clearly very, very wrong.

  9. arline says:

    This seems unnecessarily mean.

  10. utterly tasteless.

  11. Cricket9 says:

    Absolutely idiotic.

  12. Nadia says:

    What the fuck.

  13. Stella Mayfair says:


  14. thereswaterhere says:

    What is that even supposed to mean? Not only is it wildly insulting to make a tee shirt in the name of a designer who made intricate and artful clothing, but the slogan doesn’t even seem to mean anything! It’s really disgusting to just throw the word “suicide” around.

  15. Aja says:

    Yeah, I normally like the goods at karmaloop but this is pretty bad!

  16. rollergirl says:

    WTF? And, yeah, it doesn’t even make sense!

  17. XuXu says:

    Man, Fuck People!
    People are just so fucking dumb.
    And so Exploitative!

    I am going. To Bed.


  18. Isabelle says:


  19. julie says:

    Thats so awful.
    Poor Alexander. He was so amazing and is very missed.
    Thats so fucked up.

  20. Alicia says:

    This is tasteless AND confusing.

  21. Joy D. says:

    Major Fail on the part of Karmaloop in my opinion. They will probably sell out of those little suckers. Forever21 will rip them off in a year. It is cynical but possible.

  22. RedHeadFashionista says:

    Shameless, but how typical of fashion to cash in on everything. I was reading in a magazine that hours after the volcanic ash cloud grounded most of Europe, a beauty PR declared that, when it comes to eyeliner, ash grey is the new black.

  23. Mark says:

    Mother of God!

  24. Mark says:

    Boycott Karmaloop.

  25. Joy D. says:

    redheaddashionista: that is just too much, lol.

  26. Minzhi says:

    is that what made mcqueen suicidal!? (hands over face)

  27. TheShoeGirl says:

    Not only is it stupid but it’s laid out REALLY poorly from a design standpoint.
    WTF? Who approved this?

  28. TwistedLamb says:


  29. Cathy says:

    I don’t even get it!!!

  30. Sister Wolf says:

    I don’t get it either! It doesn’t make sense, it’s just loathsome and stupid.

  31. Lily says:


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