Beauty, Tattoos And A Warning


This photo is from the  December issue of Italian Vogue. I found it at the very first fashion blog I ever came across, Fashionologie. This picture makes me want to pile on some eye make-up and get a bunch of new tattoos.

I’ve been thinking of a tattoo that means or signifies ‘warrior.’ I think it might give me strength.

But on the subject of tattoos, here’s some a advice: Never get a tattoo in Chinese characters unless you can read Chinese. Here is a whole blog about tattoos that don’t translate to the intended statement. Ha ha! Serves ’em right, doesn’t it?

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3 Responses to Beauty, Tattoos And A Warning

  1. Mark says:

    I haven’t wanted a tattoo since I was 19, but lately I’ve been wanting one on my neck, like a random word written in cursive: camera, wire, pear, robot, pomegranate… Anything, as long as it’s in cursive and as long as it’s on my neck. Maybe I’m having a mid-life crisis.

  2. Ever since i got my black tribal shoulder tattoo some years ago i’ve loved every minute of it.

    I never bought into the “unique” thing because that’s not why i got it, but now, when i think about it i get a good feeling form it. I had my eye on this tattoo for some time and im glad i got it.

    I may get a Chinese symbol tattoo, but only something i’m sure actually means what it says.

    Moral of the story? only get a tattoo if you’re SURE it’s what you want and you understand it.

  3. Nate says:

    The safest way to not run into translation errors is to get your tattoo in your native language. I feel sorry for people that get some generic foreign lettering only to find out it is insulting them 😮

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