Black Sun


Years ago I read a newspaper article about an artist who was blinded when a complete stranger threw acid in his face. I’ll never forget that the author of the article noted that “[the artist], who is still bitter….” Whoa! Still bitter?!   What a bad sport. You mean he hasn’t moved on?!

This week, Cinemax showed a documentary about the artist, a Frenchman named Hugues de Montalembert. Black Sun is an engrossing, original, thought provoking film  that succeeds on every level. It is based on  Hugues de Montalembert’s  book about his experience and how it has affected him. What a remarkable man.

On a personal note, I have expected someone to throw acid in my face, off and on, ever since I read that article in the late ’70s. If it did happen, I know I would be bitter. Or rather, more bitter.

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