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Godammit, I was planning a dress-up-like-your-favorite-blogger style challenge but Bryanboy beat me to it with his Halloween Tavi. I grabbed this picture from twitter so it may not be his final choice but as you see, he has nailed it. Personally, I would have gone with the monolithic pink bow, but the icky layered scarves rule.

Isn’t it great that bloggers can swap roles this easily? I would like to see Sea of Shoes doing Halcoholic and Rumi doing Gala Darling. Karla should do Bryanboy and Tavi could do Diane Pernet. The possibilities are endless.

All you’d need to do me is a crappy black wig and red lipstick, with maybe a cane or a walker.

I have no plans for Halloween because my kid has a party to go to and I’m over it anyway. Years ago, I loved to open the door to groups of sweaty little kids dressed like gypsies and pirates and skeletons and ballerinas. All the kids on my street have grown up or moved away. Last year, I bought candy for trick-or-treaters and had to eat it all myself.

Too bad adults have taken Halloween away from children.   Adults are refusing to grow up, and kids are bound to pay a price.   I remember when Max was Darth Vader for Halloween, and when he was around 12, he was an Insurance Salesman. Charlie was once Frank Sinatra but nobody got it.

So I guess the blogger style challenge is pointless now. Unless we think we can out-Tavi* Bryanboy.

*copyright Bryanboy

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37 Responses to Bloggers Doing Bloggers

  1. The kids are so polite where we live now they only take a few sweets. The first year we lived here I was shocked I got no eggs on my window!

    I’m worried if I tried to out-Tavi Bryanboy I would be mistaken for the local mad/bag lady. I’ll stick to black and a cats eyes mask I’m guaranteed a good few flirts with this formula xx

  2. annemarie says:

    i was going to do Keith Richards, but i’ll prolly stay in my pjs.

  3. Dru says:

    I’d try being Susie Bubble or Queen Michelle, but sadly haven’t got anything other than the hair for it. And they’re inimitable anyway.

    I wouldn’t mind being a dead/murderous bride, a long white dress splashed with red (whether it’s meant to be my blood or someone else’s) is v. appealing- only, like annemarie, I’ll probably stay in my pjs.

  4. Iron Chic says:

    When did adults take over Halloween? Our local newscasters were dressed up like the Jersey Shore yesterday- like, you are going to tell me about someone getting raped in the park and you are wearing a fucking costume?!?!

  5. Marky says:

    If any kids show up at my house–they never do–they’re getting outdated Paxil.

    Like you, SW, I buy candy for kids who never show, and I’m sick of it. Last year, I bought a bunch of PEZ dispensers and not a single brat showed up. If a kid showed up dressed as an insurance salesman or Frank Sinatra, I’d give him the deed to my house.

    On a side note, please Google and read about “Linda McMahon” — I think she could be the perfect candidate for the Cunt of the Week revival.

  6. TheShoeGirl says:

    DONT YOU DARE give up Sister. We still wanna do it.

    Wait till I get back from China though, k? haha <3

  7. Jazmin says:

    DO IT!

  8. enna. says:

    I’d love to do a blogger style challenge. I’ve been planning my Tavi costume since you mentioned it a while back, but now I’ll have to step up my game.

    Maybe it could be an “any fashion blogger but Tavi” challenge?

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    annemarie and Dru – Pjs for me, too.

    OKay, it’s on. ShoeGirl, give us a date. China Shmina, this is important!

    Marky – I’m on it.

  10. Sonia Luna says:

    I say do it anyway, there are plenty of other bloggers out there to dress up as.
    I’m looking forward to the kids coming to the door tonight, last year two of them wore black bin bags as a costume, cheeky beggars! I gave them double the sweets for giving me a good laugh!

  11. Joy D. says:

    I was overwhelmed by local friends tweeting, txting, and whatevering about the costumes they were making and all their plans. PLUS! There is a party at this warehouse that has been going on for years for free and it costs13 dollars and it is sold out.

    im just not in the spirit this year. But I will still watch Nightmare Before Christmas.

  12. HelOnWheels says:

    I think Bryanboy got his costume idea from you, SW. You posted the next dress-up too early and he totally stole it! Thus, he can’t copyright it. I say you continue with the dress up.

  13. WendyB says:

    When I was in high school I dressed as my hippie-ish best friend and she dressed as New Wave-ish me. Later that same year, she dumped me as her friend when she was born again overnight and I dared to question her with some surprise the next day.

  14. Cricket9 says:

    I confess I didn’t do anything – no carved pumpkins, no costume – and just as well – no kids showing up where I live. As for scary things – my home renovation is scary enough… not to mention that we had about 7 cm of snow yesterday, some of it still on the ground. Last year it was warm and sunny; go figure Canadian weather.

  15. Aja says:

    The boyfriend and I suffered through Sam’s Club today and I bought heaps of candy (one way to keep your car dent free in a kid friendly neighborhood is to sweet talk the little bandits). Would you believe the joke’s on me because those little rat bastards hardly took any of my candy? I am stuck with mounds of chocolate and very little self control. I hear an almond joy calling my name as I type to you.

  16. Sister Wolf says:

    Aja – Same here!!! Fuckers!

  17. dust says:

    I’ve moved and started a new life this weekend. Considering the stiffness from muscle pain, dark circles from sleep deprivation and initial vast emptiness of my new living space, no costume was needed.

  18. That’s so funny – good ol’ BryanBoy.
    I am so over Hallowe’en – it’s just an excuse for kids high on E numbers to terrorise neighbourhoods with eggs and silly string. It promotes vandalism and mugging for candy.
    Unsurprisingly, I was never allowed to trick or treat. I remember one year my mum dressed me and my brother up and allowed us to go to three houses. They were of people we knew and saw pretty much every day. I don’t think I’ve ever been so mortified in my entire life. Suffice to say, I despise Hallowe’en. It’s so pointless. I also don’t understand people who prefer it to Christmas. Wtf? Just make like lady gaga and dress like a nutter 24/7.

  19. Oh, and I had one group of kids bang on my door last night, but I ignored them. They yelled ‘meanies’ through my letterbox, so top marks for effor for them. Then the kids from the estate starting having a fight in the street. Ahhhh the joys of living in a scummy area. I was already with eggs.

  20. And I shotgun Karla. I have enough borderline weird vintage dresses and I’ve perfected her ‘Karla’s joke’ giggle.

  21. Sister Wolf says:

    RedHeadFashionista – You are going to kill as Karla. And for using shotgun as a verb, I love you even more!

  22. JF says:

    I shotgun Luluandyourmom.
    I’ll tilt my head upwards/to the side, imply that boys love me, while advertising [insert current project that I will eventually fizzle off into nothingness* here.]

    *Ref: See “Shoes and Your Mom”, an MTV gig and Current Project “What Would Your Mom Do”

  23. Marky says:

    Brad, Rachel “Botox” Zoe’s assistant who now fancies himself a stylist, also dressed as Tavi for Halloween. His costume was way better than Bryangirl’s.

  24. Sis says:

    LOL re: Lulu, you can add this to that mysterious list of “ventures bragged about but somehow never reaching fruition: blogging for the huffington post, a jewelry line.

    What drives me insane is her incredibly annoying ego when she writes about these opportunities… and then never mentioning them again.

    Makes me wonder whether she is a compulsive liar or just bad at following through…

  25. HelOnWheels says:

    So very torn between Sea of Jane, Mom of Shoes, and Roomy. My reasons for avoiding their blogs are so varied. Decisions! Why can’t somebody make all of mine for me??!!

  26. Sister Wolf says:

    HelOnWheels – I think I should do Gala Darling, because I have a $15 pink wig from a Japanese cosplay store!

  27. HelOnWheels says:

    SW – YES!!! Do Galah!! It’s perfect since her expensive hair extensions/hair probably look as good/bad as your $15 wig.

  28. Tavi doing Diane Pernet would be good! Better than grey hair on a fourteen year old xx

  29. Sister Wolf says:

    Christina – God what a great idea. If only.

  30. Lulu says:

    Hi guys, I’m actually working with a small company on the jewelry line. So it will be released during the Holidays. I don’t talk about it. Because it’s not done. I’m excited about it. That’s why I mention it. Things like my book are also slow due to the fact that it is being published by a large corporate publisher. It just takes that long. Sorry?
    Also, I didn’t update What Would Your Mom Do? because I’ve been busy. I do this for fun. So it’s really not a big deal. Cool? Thanks.

  31. Sister Wolf says:

    Lulu – I don’t really know who you are, but fine with me.

  32. HelOnWheels says:

    Lulu? Isn’t she the Rumi wannabe? The one time I looked at her blog that was my first impression. Then I got bored by the end of the first page and moved on to more interesting things, like washing dishes.

  33. Yuko says:

    Adults couldn’t take Halloween from the kids if they tried. Just because people take a few days out of the year to dress up and party doesn’t mean they aren’t growing up. Please. This is somewhat condescending but it’s cool, I can move on.

  34. Sister Wolf says:

    Christina – Hey wait, I just realized that Tavi as DP was my own idea. Hahahaha! It’s still brilliant!

  35. hammie says:

    I wanted to be WendyB!

  36. Sister Wolf says:

    hammie – Oh man, you MUST be WendyB! Now I’m officially excited.

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