Blue Thriftshop Lady


I went to a thriftshop on Saturday and the first thing I saw was a wacky looking   lady wearing an amazing get-up, looking through a rack of shirts. My heart skipped a beat! I have a new cell phone, with a camera that I haven’t learned how to use. I thrust my cell phone at a Homeboy type who works at the thriftshop and said “Quick, take a picture of that lady for me!”

He was so inept that I decided to just ask the lady if she’d mind having her picture taken. She was a little surprised but obviously pleased. I told her that I thought her outfit was fabulous. I was mocking her but as I looked at her face, I realized what a terrible mistake I had made. She was a sweet, lovely old woman who had the nerve and creativity to dress up for a day out shopping. She was just trying to look beautiful. And she succeeded, far more than I ever could.   See that lamb or doggie thing? That is her handbag! Too bad my phone camera didn’t catch her big green rhinestone brooches.

I promised to bring a copy of the photo to the thriftshop and leave it with the Homeboy. I love this Blue Thriftshop Lady and I hope I can be a better person because of her.

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2 Responses to Blue Thriftshop Lady

  1. Elena says:

    it’s good you liked her, because that is exactly how i want to be in thirty years.

  2. Suebob says:

    She gets an A for creativity.

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