If you’ve had enough of Andre Pejic and the other girly boys, you might be ready a gender-bending girl.

Eleonora Bose, known as Bimba to her fans, is a model and singer from Madrid whose looks I find both confusing and compelling. She’s kind of a female David Bowie who can be feminine or masculine, depending on her clothes and body language. According to google, she has a child and a husband. She also has a nice tattoo that I’m thinking of copying.   (Don’t tell my husband though. I may have pushed him far enough.)

You can see more pictures here.

What’s your vote? Hot or not?

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40 Responses to Butch

  1. Rach says:

    Hot, but those brows are too skinny.

  2. Jasmin says:


  3. Srenna says:

    Not feeling it. Not now, not ever.

  4. Beautiful. And I love her hair. But the arm tattoo gives me the creeps!

  5. regularstarfish says:

    I like her look. She’s definitely photogenic. I wish I was photogenic.

  6. fara says:

    I like the sound of her, but not sure about the fly tattoos- they are creepy. She looks good though, and i can totally see the david bowie resemblance.

  7. Sonia Luna says:

    I like her. I agree, the fly tattoos are creepy!

  8. sarah.p says:

    Hot. I love everything about her. I melt. As an English rose blonde with billowing breasts and hips I would give anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to look like her.

  9. Ann says:

    The skinny brows, the asymmetrically shaved head, the downward-eye-glare-pouty face, all of the things that usually elicit an eye roll from me somehow work for this girl. Can’t fault her for that. I like her a lot.

  10. Queenzelda says:

    I think David Bowie and Tilda Swinton’s love child…

  11. Kellie says:

    I think I like her. and the arm tattoos arent in all the pictures, so maybe they were just for the one shoot???

  12. sheri says:

    Attractive in a striking way, as I think of many androgynous people; but not in an appealing-to-me or provocative way. I think women should look like, and be shaped like women, and men like men. I also find the wispy little effeminate boys to be “pretty,” but not “hot.”

    p.s. I LOVE the flower tattoo on her back; the fly tattoos give me the creeps. It makes my arms tickle. I could never get a tattoo — not brave enough, both regarding the potential pain and the potential reactions.

  13. honeypants says:

    I could never get enough of Andrej Pejic. As Mrs. Shreck said, he was made for me. Butch girls though? You can have ’em. This one does nothing for me.

  14. Victoria says:

    She looks like Terry Griffith (played by Joyce Hyser) in Just One of The Guys. That 80s movie where the pretty girl pretends to be a guy in order to win her school paper scholarship. She is cute, but not a model.

  15. dana says:

    Hot. Are those bugs crawling up her arms? That’d come in handy for rehab.

  16. HOT.
    This is how I aspire to look.

  17. Well…mostly the hair…

  18. Daniel Eaton says:

    I LOVE Bimba! She’s the neice of one of the biggest (spanish language) pop singers of all time, Miguel Bose. They did a duet together in 2007 which I am also a fan of!


    P.S. The fly tattoos are real…and permanent!

  19. Daniel Eaton says:


  20. candy says:

    HOT! I had a crisis once and wanted to cut my hair like that. I have very long hair. I like this haircut but it doesn’t suit everybody, the Linda evangelista cut is very hot and sexy! one day I will cut it that way, it’s just a matter of time before I cut everything. My hair is difficult to manage and sometimes I hve enough, especially when I wash it and when it is dry I notice shampoo residu after using so much water.

  21. Audi says:

    Hot. I love seeing models and actors that have interesting faces rather than being classically beautiful. Beauty comes in so many different forms.

  22. Sil says:

    As Daniel says, her really famous uncle is Miguel Bosé, famous at least in Spain. If u think Bimba is hot, just check out the uncle… over 50 and still hot… tell me what u think if any of u check it.

  23. mustownmore says:

    I think she’s gorgeous. I would kill to have angles like that on me, and for hair that cool.

    I much prefer models like her – almost a freak of nature, rather than a surfer chick blonde bombshell. Pretty blonde girls are ten a penny, but women like this are rare. I’d be gawping if I saw her in the street.

  24. Jills says:

    hot hot hottie mchotterson. hot

  25. I just thing nothing – mind you I’m thinking nothing a lot at the moment. I think she lacks finesse and the arm tattoos are too unnecessary.

  26. Aja says:

    The arm tattoo is a little creepy but she is so hot. Man I wish I could be one of those girls who rocks short hair.

  27. kate says:

    the shot of her back where the tattoo continues the embroidery is genius. GENIUS! she looks like a very nice young lady.

  28. Catherine says:

    Hot! Now excuse me while I go check out her uncle.

  29. Joan says:

    She’s probably hot, but I too think her uncle is hotter!

  30. Sonia Luna says:

    @Daniel Eaton … no way! She’s Miguel Bose’s niece? He was super huge in Italy too when I was a kid, my sister was mad for him!
    I can see a resemblance.

  31. Cricket9 says:

    Yep, totally hot (minus bugs tattoo) – but I always had a weakness for androgyny. Nice muscle definition! Maybe one day, when I have a lot of time, in a galaxy far, far away, I’ll work on having arms like that…

  32. Farah says:

    Striking, reminds me a lot of the singer from La Roux.

  33. Bevitron says:

    I was thinking a little Tilda Swinton-ish, too, but Tilda’s cuter. (“Cute” is probably not the right word – to me, Tilda’s always had a very young John Hurt thing going on.)
    Definitely something disturbingly erotic there.

  34. Sil says:

    Sonia, trust me, I am from Spain. Miguel Bosé is her uncle. Just if u are interested, the duet both made four years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bowAYq0OLU enjoy…

  35. Nicole says:

    I love your blog, how gorgeous!
    XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
    Check us out & follow @ http://www.vantagepointvintage.com/blog/

  36. laura says:

    HOT. But agreed, thicken those brows please

  37. Hot. Then again, I am an admirer of the undercut- if, and ONLY if, the wearer can get away with it without looking manly. It’s best to have delicate features, a nicely shaped head and small ears for this cut to work. Behold Exhibit A: Eleonora Bose. Exhibit B would, of course, be me. 🙂

    I’m not sure those bug tattoos are flies. They intrigue me because I can’t tell what type of insect they are.

    I’m digging her Billy Idol expression in the last photo.

  38. Stella Mayfair says:

    super hot! and her uncle is, too!

  39. I always find androgyny HOT. beeg time.

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