E Tu, Dog the Bounty Hunter?


I barely know who he is, but I’m shocked to hear that Dog used the word  ‘nigger’ on the phone. Can they prove it was really him? Surely not. Even though he’s spent time in a Mexican prison, it doesn’t mean he would use coarse language.

Now, Dog has had his TV thing suspended, despite his apologies to all the key figures in any Nigger Fracas. And plus, I just read that Dog doesn’t like Don Imus!

This really stinks. Dog has also lost some endorsement of nasal spray. I for one will still use that nasal spray to show my support, because I have sinus issues.

Can’t we all get the fuck along, or not? Halle Berry said ‘Jew’ on the Jay Leno show, and now this. Where will it end?

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3 Responses to E Tu, Dog the Bounty Hunter?

  1. Suebob says:

    I am shocked, shocked. Because you know that bounty hunting only attracts the most refined types.

  2. hoochiegucci says:

    Fuck off you cunt

  3. Mark says:

    Dog’s wife rules. Google her fat ass.

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