Eli Roth Douchebag Correction

Gore-monger Eli Roth is not just a douchebag, he’s a big baby. He’s mad that Hostel II bombed, and he’s blaming it on piracy.

“Piracy has become worse than ever now, and a stolen workprint leaked out on online before the release, and is really hurting us, especially internationally,” he says, before going on to specifically tear into critics who reviewed a leaked copy of the film. “Critics have actually been reviewing the film based off the pirated copy, which is inexcusable,” he says. “Some of these critics I have actually known for a few years, and while I wouldn’t dignify them by mentioning them by name, I know who they are, as do the studios, and other filmmakers, and they will no longer have any access to any of my films.”

Aw, he wants to take his ball and go home. Now he says he won’t make his next project, “Cell,” any time soon. Huh, he’ll show us.

What a baby!

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  1. if you can get me and eli roth in the same room, i swear to god i’ll show him things he never dreamt for his lame-ass movies.

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