Fashion’s Axis of Evil?

This photo from Paris Vogue doesn’t offend me, but the philosophy behind it does.

Are you surprised that it was shot by Tom Ford and styled by Carine Roitfeld? All that’s missing is their good friend Terry Richardson, whose last pictorial featuring Crystal Renn had her stuffing a huge squid down her throat.

Is it the mandate of high fashion editorials to shock and provoke? Carine Roitfeld thinks so.   She complains that while her magazine has always pushed boundaries, she now feels constricted by “political correctness.”

“What I can see is that now, the censoring is bigger than it was 20, 30, or 40 years ago. I think we have less freedom. Today some pictures [from past issues of Vogue Paris] would not even be publishable. It’s not just about the nudity, but when you talk about things politically, the military, kids, it would all be politically incorrect and not publishable today. We have to fight to keep this un-politically correct attitude of French Vogue, but it’s more and more difficult to be able do that. You cannot smoke, you cannot show arms, you cannot show little girls, because everyone now is very anxious not to have problems with the law. Everything we do now is like walking in high heels on the ice, but we keep trying to do it.”

How annoying! She can’t show little girls because those damn laws get in her way! No wonder she maintains a close friendship with Terry Richardson, even going out of her way to be photographed arm in arm with him right after stories of his assaults on young models hit the internet.

As for Tom Ford, of course he’s a genius and we’d all like to sleep with him. Still, his defense of his pal Richardson was absurd. Both men live in a world where women’s bodies are less than commodities and getting your dick out is just small talk.

Nothing and no one can topple this Axis of Evil. If the three of them were caught barbecuing kittens at a Manhattan dinner party, it would be hailed as naughty fun that we proles are too uptight to understand.

I really do like fashion, and occasionally I like porn. I just don’t want them combined. Not because it’s shocking, but because like the photo above, it’s pretentious desensitizing crap.

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59 Responses to Fashion’s Axis of Evil?

  1. Sister Wolf says:

    Kitty – There’s no artist to have any intent: It’s just Tom Ford and Carine Roitfeld. I’m glad you like it, because there’s plenty more in store for you.

  2. Dru says:

    kate- it’s nice to see another fellow ElleGirl lover here- I was really sad it shut down (but Japanese and Dutch editions still exist, and I think they have a Korean edition too).
    That was a great magazine- it wasn’t as snooty as Teen Vogue, and the styling was actually fun and friendly and not entirely composed of things that cost $200 and up (though of course, it was Elle’s junior edition so it had a fair few of those).

    Also, if anyone notices, Teen Vogue often has better styling than grown-up American Vogue. Though, as is the case with many East Asian magazines, Vogue Girl Korea blows it straight out of the water.

  3. Cricket9 says:

    Oh, please, Kitty. I don’t know about the model dominated little heaven, I do know the picture is dominated by the enormous shoes.

  4. kellie says:

    she is being eaten out after her facelift???
    is this edgy in a way I am missing???

  5. Al says:

    And, by the way, there’s nothing less provocative than wanting to be provocative at all costs.
    If they stopped to put all their efforts in trying to be “controversial and not boring” they would be much more fun.


    – The Red Dot –

  6. Andra says:

    Kitty, is your drug of choice booze or something a little illegal?

    Cricket9 – I laughed at the chicken with shoes. Sorry I missed that.

  7. I do understand Kitty’s comment that this gives the woman power, but I think what’s been glossed over is how sad and pathetic a world this is if the most powerful thing a woman can do is have a low-calorie drink, a facelift and an orgasm all at the same time.

  8. duckalicious says:

    now this is just fucking moronic and pretentious as fuck. I love a good provocation, but this just isn’t good in any way. it’s just provocation for the sake of provocation and it doesn’t make me feel anything but bored and annoyed with the authors’ pretentiousness. maybe this is what happens when those “fashion gods” (:D) run out of styling ideas and resort to such cheap ways of stirring up public opinion and consequently selling some more copies of their stupid mag. like in the Lanvin for H&M situation, I feel sorry for the people who fall for it.

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