Getting Over Bruce and Caitlyn

lauren bacall

How much longer do we have to hear about Caitlyn Jenner? It was fun for a moment, I’ll admit it. I’m as much of a ghoul as the next man when it comes to sensational news stories and celebrities.

It’s just that stories become so overblown now, with everyone needing to weigh in on their own angle and digging for cultural significance or subtext.

The tide of political correctness is so massive that there’s just one way to react to things, or else risk the collective disapproval of the entire worldwide web.

So now the Guardian has published a long and ridiculous exegesis on the Caitlyn Jenner Phenomenon, comparing her looks to Lauren Bacall and winding up on this note:

Like it or not, the Kardashians have done something positive, progressive and meaningful. The internet era of baring all can be a beautiful thing: prejudice can wither and fall, and acceptance and understanding blossom in its place. And I’m not just talking about Caitlyn Jenner.

Jesus god almighty, can we just shut up about this guy or woman? Fuck her/him already!

Soon enough, people will turn on Caitlyn, because that’s what happens. But until then, we’ll all be judged on our response to her ‘journey.’ Because I’m so awful, I can admit that I’m not impressed by the ‘courage’ it took for a media-savvy reality TV star to use Diane Sawyer to one-up his awful attention-seeking family.

If I were a regular every-day transgendered person, I think I’d feel even more fed up with the adulation this character has received. My inner gay guy (who doesn’t have a name but loves Japanese menswear) is not impressed.

Not to mention Lauren Bacall.

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11 Responses to Getting Over Bruce and Caitlyn

  1. Muscato says:

    From first-hand experience, I can tell you that Miss Bacall was not impressed by much – let alone anything that might bring up the sensitive subject of being called “sir” on the telephone…

  2. Sister Wolf says:

    Muscato – Hahahahahahaha

  3. Sam says:

    Here – fucking – here!
    and I will add ‘journey’ to my list of ‘that’s not what that word means!!!’ list.

  4. Andra says:

    I don’t believe these dreadful Kardashian people have ever done anything positive, meaningful or progressive in their combined lifetime.
    They are a total pain in the arse and their names should never be mentioned in the same sentence as Lauren Bacall.

  5. Marky says:

    “I can admit that I’m not impressed by the ‘courage’ it took for a media-savvy reality TV star to use Diane Sawyer to one-up his awful attention-seeking family.” Well said, Sister Wolf.

  6. David Duff says:

    Good grief, ‘Sis’, just for a moment there you sounded like one of those grumpy old buffers to be found harrumphing behind The Times as they recline in big leather armchairs in in very ancient London clubs for gentlemen. You’ll be reading Breitbart next!

  7. annemarie says:

    I wish the public conversation about transgenderism was a bit more deep so that people like me could understand it better, instead of the spontaneous and shallow celebration of Caitlyn Jenner, which only says “this is what we do now,” and if you have any questions about that then you are a bigoted, partypooping fascist.

    I am ashamed (and a little scared) to admit that I don’t understand transgender stuff at all. I don’t understand what it is to identify more as a woman than a man, since gender identities are in large part social constructions– man or women, the labels are reductive, repressive and limiting. I’m of the view that it would be a much better, sweeter world if we just tossed away ALL gender altogether, so that a person could just be a person and their sex wouldn’t automatically pin them down to this or that social role or function, but transgender people seem to want to reify those gender constructions and that’s where I am lost.

    If anyone reading this wants to educate me, please do because I want to understand.

  8. Dj says:

    Thank you for your insight sister…ok, he/she did it, fine, shut the fuck up and get on with your lives! But nooooooo. The journey (I that word up there with conversation) is just beginning! There will be the spin off, a product line, speaking engagements, seminars, webinars, the decision of possible sex reversal ( another season, and don’t forget, she’s a decathelete for f sake!), the fall out from the kardashian Klan, the reinvention, the flocking of confused teens to Thailand for cut rate gender reassignment (another word) and on and on…one interesting thing I read was something Caitlyn (then Bruce) said about the sex change referring to questions of why so public with this very intimate, life changing time and Bruce said “I have house payments, it’s all business”…. Tell that to his dick…..

  9. Bevitron says:

    Not much to add here SW (not that I ever let that stop me), you & everyone else have said it well. I’m in the same age category as Jenner, so all I can think about is, why does he want to turn himself into an old woman? I get it that he (when she was a he) always identified more with women, and I think I applaud her decision to do the necessaries to become, uh, congruent. And, to be sure, she obviously gave this a great deal of thought & didn’t just leap into the deep end in her untested youth. But… Oh never mind, I’m just exposing my own fears & ignorance. Still…. Time is out of joint here. I mean, you can’t go around photoshopped all the time. And hey, do they do cosmetic surgery on hands, too? They’re always a giveaway.

  10. Suspended says:

    I thought he was supposed to look like Jessica Lange. Either way, the whole clan needs to fuck off.

    I have a male friend who reassigned but is still straight, so now “she’s” technically a lesbian. It’s a bit of a head fuck.

  11. Madam restora says:

    Annemarie, I’d say your idea of doing away with gender will be the next ridiculous, politically correct-motivated craze to hit your local primary school. Girls being girls only make the boys who want to be girls feel bad about themselves.

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