Great Big Babies


One of the very first websites I ever saw was a forum for men who wear diapers. This was a friend’s way of introducing me to the world of the internet. I forgot all about it until recently, when someone sent me a link to the Diaperstation. This site caters to adults who want to be babies, and it looks like they’ve thought of just about everything!

Adult size cloth diapers and plastic pants must’ve been hard to find before the internet. What I really love at the Diaperstation are the cute cotton-knit onesies that come in pink and blue. Who wouldn’t look cute in one of those? For the adult baby with lots of spare room and a decent salary, there is a huge custom-made crib.

I like the idea of babyhood for everyone. But I’m not sure what it means. I can see how comforting it would be to pretend we are little and helpless and cute. It implies that a nice big mommy will take care of everything. I believe that this is the primal condition that everyone struggles to overcome, even as their unconscious minds long to return to it. Once we are potty-trained, it’s the beginning of the end, in terms of our dependence on mommy.

In my own life, I can see how much my kids resent independence. I must have given them too much or too little attention. But I’ve heard that soldiers dying on the battlefield cry out for mommy. I’ve read that college students who practice the phrase “Mommy and  I are One”   do better on tests.

Mommy! We all want you!

If we can’t have mommy, there are some scary looking ladies who will pretend to be your mommy….but I must say, they look like Mean Mommies. This is the part I don’t get. Why does the fetish involve mean mommies and punishment, rather than a nice mommy who isn’t mad?   I already had an angry mommy. It’s way over-rated. But I think I’d look cute in the ruffled Rhumba Pants.

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