Is Fat Really the New Black?

We all know that Beth Ditto is the new must-have accessory, but now I’m seeing evidence that Fat is the new fake trend in the new fake zeitgeist.

This model, Crystal Renn, is featured in Australian Harper’s Bazaar in a layout that “proves big is beautiful.”

Okay, good. She is indeed a beautiful woman, but this photo seems a little cruel. She looks vulnerable and somehow deformed. I don’t know. The same might be said of anorexics, but still. I’m not buying it.

Now we have American Apparel contributing to “Colossal Clothing” instead of just making their own shit in xxx-large.

Is this part of the New Economy? Will we all be eating junk food to stay alive and/or anesthetize our fear?

Now don’t get all mad at me about this; I’m just observing a trend. It’s not me being all size-ist. I’m as fat as the next person, at least in my mind, where it counts most. Here is a picture of a thrift shop dress I got a few months ago, size 4, and yet a Vision of Waistlessness. I am not yet worthy of hanging out with Kate Moss, but no little wisp of a fashion blogger, either.

Just be glad I didn’t take six different poses of this dress. And don’t tell me how I’m rocking it.

All other arguments are welcome!

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20 Responses to Is Fat Really the New Black?

  1. I’ve found the fashion crowd’s (particularly Karl Lagerfeld’s) embrace of Beth Ditto rather comical. I think it’s more freak-show fascination than genuine acceptance, and the moment will soon pass. No matter how fat the rest of the world gets, fashion will continue to be shown on underweight teenage models, as it should be.
    No amount of Susie Orbach-ian fat acceptance talk will ever convince me that obese people are truly happy with their size. Leaving aside health issues, because thin people aren’t necessarily “healthy” either, I have trouble finding it attractive. Blame my early exposure to Vogue…
    And you are truly only fat in your head Sister Wolf and not by any objective measure! You’ve been hanging out with Nicole Ritchie too much.

  2. Jill says:

    Re 1st Photo: I don’t think people should be the “IT” accessory of the moment. It feels so Mean Girls and high school…”fat girl wants desperately to be accepted by the In crowd”. Then someone drops pig blood on her head or tricks her into eating dog food.

    2nd Photo: It looks like it was shot underwater, but her hair isn’t flying around…not the most flattering pose.

    3rd Photo: You are rocking the red lips, Sista!

  3. David Duff says:

    Very nice, er, you that is, not the freakshow, but I do wish you would smile a bit more.

  4. dewayne says:

    it looks as if those two women with kate might float away at any second, like strangely-shaped balloons. either that, or they are about to devour her as an appetizer. make-up and designer clothing flavored….mmmmm.

  5. Closet! says:

    I think the problem with those women is that they are obese. As in their fat is expanding out of proportions. If it were just a bigger woman and still in healthy (Human) proportions, I guess it would be a different story. But fat women balloons are just unacceptable.

  6. crocodilian says:

    I agree with Iheartfashion about Karl Lagerfeld’s bizarre involvment in the trend… and let us not forget that the Kaiser himself was something of a pudgypants not so many years ago!

    And that reminds me of a interesting blog post I read elsewhere that is somewhat related:

  7. No, I don’t believe you suffer from waistlessness too! I am unable to wear belts above my hips.
    I like the anti-fashion blogger pose.

  8. Deni says:

    Not too fat and not too thin but somewhere comfortably in between, we should seek, right?
    Funny, I just got back from my cardiologist who doesn’t believe that I’m having any side effects from the Beta Blockers I’m on. When I started to complain, he turned to me and said, “Look, these are the facts. You’re obese. At your height you should weigh 115 lbs. So don’t complain that you’ve lost 20lbs as a side effect of the drugs you’re on from having no appetite, diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, and insomnia.”
    He won’t change my prescription to something that I might be able to tolerate (beta blockers shouldn’t be abruptly stopped either). And then he pulls out a chocolate bar from his desk and said it was his breakfast as he was chewing it.

  9. Sister Wolf says:

    Iheartfashion – So true. Except about Nicole R and me. of course.

    Jill -Hahaha! I hope Beth and co. are ready to dodge that pig’s blood.

    David – I actually need to have someone clowning around behind the camera to make me smile. Too many years of glaring to drop the habit.

    dewayne – Hahahaha!

    Closet – I can’t decide if you’re being sexist. Not that I’m not sexist.

    crocodilian – I love that post, thank you. I love how she called Alaexander McQueen a fat bastard!

    fashion herald – I think I was actually trying to look Fashiony! That was probably me best effort.

    Deni -Mother of god!!! What a Fucking Cuntâ„¢ !

  10. David Duff says:

    Well, next time just think of me in my long Johns!

  11. hammie says:

    This from a more sensitive (female) photographer

    From Last Sunday’s Sindo as we call it. A very beautiful normal sized woman who is getting a butt lift and then growing it bigger. (I’m still thinking about it)

    Unfortunately the 4 page spread of Kristi looking glorious in her foundation underwear was followed by a “fashion piece” of 2 skeletal teenagers modeling neon colored bras and suspender belts posed in the same de-humanising awkward angles as usual. Same old Same old.


  12. susie_bubble says:

    I just think making a big deal out of ONE particular size in any instance is silly…yes, human beings come in all shapes and sizes…. you don’t say!?! It shouldn’t be about glamourising one or the other….

  13. Sister Wolf says:

    Hammie – That woman is already beautiful!

    Susie B – Yes, if only we could all be accepted As We Are. That dream seems farther away than ever, at least in my part of the world.

  14. Oscar Taube says:

    I really need .,Thanks for sharing.

  15. x says:

    you’re a fucking bitch, go back to highschool.

  16. AustinTex117 says:

    I’m a 19 year old young man. I wouldn’t say that I’m fat because I have more muscle than what I used to have. Right now I’m like 320 lbs and losng that. But really I think that me finding the right one is because of the way look even though I’ve been told differently. No one, man or woman, should be called fat.

  17. Eli says:

    I got to met Beth Ditto and she is amazing!!!!

    She is happy to call herself fat and she is proud.

    As a healthy, fit person, I have always admired her self acceptance because it is something I am still battling with.

    She doesn’t conform to the music industry or society’s view of her and weight and after meeting her in person, I now know why she is so famous and why a lot of people like Kate Moss would want to hang with her!!!

    Even becoming Karl Lagerfeld’s muse is not a freak fetish but its due to her talent and amazing energy!

    I knew she was always special and when I got to meet her, she was more than that!

    Btw, that dress you got from the thrift store should be burnt! It’s atrocious.

  18. Sister Wolf says:

    Eli, it was ugly, you’re right. No need to attack me personally just because you like Beth Ditto.

  19. nestor says:

    you’re an ugly bitch , go to the gym and work those arms , i bet they wave at people’s faces when you lift it

  20. Sister Wolf says:

    nestor – Sorry nestor. Try to use capital letters unless you are e. e. cummings.

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