I’ve Had it With Tilda Swinton

Seeing this photo of her at the Met gala, I finally reached the tipping point with Tilda Swinton. Enough with the androgyny and ugliness! You’ve made your point, whatever it is!   Now it’s time to put on some make-up, grow out your hair and dress normally!

I know how important Tilda is to so many factions. If you’re gay, hip or arty in any way, you totally adore her. I know, I know. You think she’s the epitome of beauty, you LOVE her daring style! You love all her movies. You love the air she breathes.

But you need to get over it. If her Oscar look wasn’t horrible enough, get a load of this awful matronly dress she wore to the Met. I don’t care who designed it, it’s still awful. Her choice of Justin Long as an accessory is really repugnant, UNLESS they are best friends in real life and she doesn’t have a ‘partner.’ It seems to me that she’s just pandering to the GLBT vote.

Everybody can stop pretending that Ugly is Beautiful, and that Less is More. It’s only More if there’s Less of Tilda Swinton.

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12 Responses to I’ve Had it With Tilda Swinton

  1. Eemmus says:

    they both look like david bowie in his days of wearing makeup of course. ive hated her since i saw her in the beach.

  2. andrea says:

    She came with Justin BOND, a downtown ny nightlife fixture.(Justin Long is the guy from the Mac commercials and Drew Barrymore’s bf.) Is that even worse? But I still love her anyway- she can be cool and sexy without being overtly so. She is one of my style icons.

  3. Lady K says:

    I have mixed feelings on Tilda, sometimes she looks amazing and other times I agree, it’s like she is trying too hard to look unattractive. Her husband is the writer/painter John Byrne, who seems to spend a lot of his time at home looking after their twins. I met him at the opening of one of his plays last year, and he was lovely. As my granny would say “it takes all sorts”!!

  4. Tobi Lynne says:

    I love that you named this pic “horrible-horrible.jpg”.

  5. K-Line says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Enough with the art-sanctioned ugliness. She’s taking up too much space to be that concertedly demode. Great post. K

  6. julie says:

    I was astounded that she chose this to wear to the Met when the theme was superheroes! Wouldn’t you expect that Tilda Swinton of all people would take that theme and run? Seriously!


  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Ahhhh, I meant to write “Bond” but my brain did not cooperate.

    I didn’t know she had twins, Lady K, and I can’t wait to find out their names. Thanks for filling me in!

  8. enc says:

    Yes, it’s time for something . . . else from Tilda.

  9. Lady K says:

    I can reveal the twins were born in 1997, and are named Honor and Xavier. Tilda supported herself and her husband for a year by betting on horses, ahem!

    I am slightly obsessed by the names people choose for their animals and children, thereby being delighted to answer the question

  10. Jamie Reid says:

    Your post is both sour and poor taste,people should wear what they want and not follow the dictates of the masses,through this acceptance is made easy,I am curious to know who you consider to dress well???? P.s I am the godfather of Tilda’s twins !!!!

  11. Katie says:

    I can completely understand the frustration with forced obscurity, and of course personal tastes and distastes. But saying you vehemently hate a woman because she does not fit your stereotypes of femininity is disgusting, and something that must be spoken out against, not reiterated further.

  12. Enough Already says:

    @Katie-Amen to that!

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