Julian and Olatz Schnabel: Fun Couple of the Month


Julian Schnabel seems like my kind of guy. I don’t know much about him, but his work has been described as ‘confrontational.’ He bought a three story apartment building in Greenwich Village and then added eleven stories, after a protest by local residents failed to thwart his plans. Now he has painted it pink, either to punish the neighborhood or because, I don’t know, I forgot what the other reason would be.

I also like Schnabel’s current wife, Olatz, who has opened a swanky shop that sells bed sheets. I like this ‘Antonia’ style, which is priced to sell, at $1,000 for a king-size sheet.



Finally, I like that the Schnabels have named their twin sons Olmo and Cy.

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One Response to Julian and Olatz Schnabel: Fun Couple of the Month

  1. Mark says:

    The West Village is so gross now, anyway. It’s all movie stars and Euro-trash millionaires. I’m glad they have to suffer a pink building. Someone should put up a chartruese skyscraper next to Schnabel’s building.

    Or, even better: New Yorkers should all dump their trash in the streets of Greenwich Village– every single day. I’d like to see the Euro-trash millionaires and movie stars tripping on soiled Pampers and discarded hair-weaves from Harlem.

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