King of Kong: A Douchebag for the Ages


I dare anyone top watch “The King of Kong” without shouting “What a douchebag!” at Billy Mitchell, the documentary’s idiotic villain. In a story all about dorky, messed-up guys obsessed with Donkey Kong, Billy Mitchell stands out as sort of a super-asshole with delusions of grandeur and a hairdo that epitomizes everything awful about the 70s  AND 80s.

Mr. Mitchell has complained that the film  was edited to depict him as the bad guy. I don’t care what the filmmakers left out or stuck into their documentary; Billy Mitchell is the most sickening person I can even imagine. See this movie just for the adrenaline rush of wanting to punch someone in the face!

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20 Responses to King of Kong: A Douchebag for the Ages

  1. Maggie says:

    I just watched this yesterday. That guy Billy was pretty smug and I felt bad for that Science teacher guy. He proved them all wrong and they were oblivious to it since they all thought that Billy was a god. So sad.

  2. Mark says:

    What’s really creepy about Billy Mitchell is that he’s worshipped by all those people! His wife’s tits are amazing, though.

  3. b says:

    WHAT A DOUCHE!! I just watched the replay on G4 and what a douchebag!!! I then googled “king of kong” “douchebag” and found your site. bravo!

  4. Sister Wolf says:

    Hahaha! That’s great, b, thank’s for letting me know.

  5. Dwarfstar says:

    I remeber at least 10 times in the movie were I shouted douche bag at the screen! I too found this site by googling “billy mitchell douche bag” . I say we give him the honorary title, “Douche of the Year” With a whopping 1,047,200 douche points. I’m sure he can easily beat that score in the future. Did anyone else notice his wide stance we they showed a clip of him playing, he should change his three letters to G.A.Y.
    P.S. I want to do demeaning and nasty things to his wife.

  6. Dwarfstar says:

    Oh I just noticed he has that wide stance in the photo above. HeHe

  7. Sister Wolf says:

    Jesus, a douchebag with a Wide Stance. What do we do now, Dwarfstar and b?

  8. Isaac says:

    haha! i found this by searching king of kong douchebag also! lol

  9. McNeeky says:

    Never have I hated a villain in any movie, fiction or documentary, more than Billy Mitchell. I loved seeing this site pop up after Googling “Billy Mitchell is a douchebag”! I’d eat some of his douchebag hot sauce off his wife’s hooters though! Yowza.

  10. kaysootee says:

    I’m actually thrilled to bits that someoneS else Googled “Billy Mitchell” and “douchebag.” Yay! 🙂 And also that I now remember the title of the film.

  11. Googler says:

    I also googled “The King of Kong” + “douche” and got this webpage. I wasn’t looking for a blog on Billy Mitchell, but rather about his 3 minions that are beyond douchebags at the arcade room while Weiber is a stand up middle class Joe. I found it beyond “douchebagary” that they wouldn’t take Weiber’s video and arcade for his word, but would take Mitchell’s. Pleazzzz. That’s pretty douchey.

  12. RomAbuse says:

    Billy Mitchell is NOT a douche bag. Billy Mitchell is a colostomy bag.

  13. GOOGLE FTW says:

    Thats Awesome i just typed in the fags name and one of the options was “billy mitchell is a douche” and thus i found this blog. I saw movie on G4 and like some others i screamed douche bag many many times. hes a douche and colostomy bag mixed, fuck that fagget

  14. death to billy Mitchel says:

    I have never actually wanted to kill someone but i did after watching the King of Kong. I wish somebody in this world would take billy mitchel out of this world, we would all be better off. We could also probably do with out his billy cock sucking minion brian douchbag fag face ass bitch from i never got a kill screen billy ass lick fun g spot on billy’s ass kuh. Good movie though. Billy i hope you read this and just do yourself in so someone else does not have to. Also cut bitch ass hair and stop covering you acne covered dumb ass face. Sorry for the vulgarity.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Oh my god, I saw this movie around the same time you posted this – SO good! You can’t write fictional movies that awesomely good-and-evil.

  16. DongofKong says:

    Ha! Agree with everyone. Nothing more to be said. Although I feel we should, if there hasn’t been already, make a fucking site dedicated to Billy Mitchells wife’s rockin tits just to spite that fucktard. How the snow balls chance in hell did he get that awesome poon-tang anyway? He must have read Mister Awesome’s book! Go Steve Wiebe fuck tha man!

  17. Prince of Kong says:

    bah hahaha! i typed in “Billy Mitchell Douche Bag” in google! THAT IS HILARIOUS! bah hahahaha! where do we cast our our vote anyway? he’s like gods gift to women meets atari. too funny. Bill Mitchel For President.

  18. brent says:

    One more for “Billy Mitchell Douchebag”

  19. Prestin says:

    the movie shows billy like a douchebag indeed xD

    don’t be fooled, it’s just the plot

    -Billy Mitchell scored 874,300 points at Twin Galaxies on November 7, 1982. His record stood until…

    -Tim Sczerby scored 879,200 points on August 17, 2000, then…

    -Steve Wiebe broke Tim Sczerby’s Donkey Kong World Record on about June 30, 2003, scoring 947,200 points.

    so, Steve was the king of kong for 3 years, before the infamous 1.047k but the movie didn’t state that, and didn’t even recognize Tim Sczerby.. all in order to make the plot more interesting. There’s a lot more, if you want to know:

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